Professional review of Man of La Mancha scans to "The Impossible Dream"?
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I swear there was a New York Times review of the 2002 Brian Stokes Mitchell revival of Man of La Mancha that was written in perfect scansion to The Impossible Dream." The only line I remember is the very last one, which is "as I reach / for the keys to my car!" Google-Fu has either failed or I just suck at it. Help!

Maybe it wasn't The New York Times? I am 100% certain I read it online.

Can anyone find it for me?
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This blog post refers (without link) to "Daniel Okrent's review of the 2002 Broadway revival of Man of La Mancha, in Entertainment Weekly."

But the world would be better for this
That this show, which is hopelessly marred
Would ditch the full last 15 minutes...
As I reach (slower, will full orchestral buildup) for the keys to my car!

Is that it?
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OMG thank you! Out of curiosity, how did you find it? What was your search string?
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Ugh I realized I put quotes around "as I reach for the keys to my car" because I was so sure I knew it was the line. That'll teach me.
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Looks like jessicapierce has it. And here is Okrent's review of Man of La Mancha in Entertainment Weekly.
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Oh good, I'm so glad that was it! I never get to solve these things. :) Here is a link to the original, on EW's website.

I think I just used "man of la mancha" +"keys to my car".
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Yes, there actually is a link to the review at the bottom of the blogpost jessicapierce sourced.

Just FYI, since people ask questions here all the time that are often completely random, and most often don't give a reason, I was trying to craft a tumblr post about it. Here's the post, if you're interested in why I was even thinking about this.

Thanks, Jessica!
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Thanks for the question! And thanks, tzikeh, for the link to Brel singing! Both shined up my day.
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