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My new attempted obsession is extremely short podcasts. Please recommend some.

I'm talking about 5 minutes and under. Stuff like Your Favorite Sandwich, MeFi's own Jerk in Progress, or the WaPo's new Daily 202 Big Idea. Maybe stretch to 10 minutes for 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy. Genre only barely matters -- mostly I just want something short that I can salt my podroll with.
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One-minute podcast of a radio feature: This is Neil Chayet, Looking at the Law. (Also available on iTunes and whatnot.)
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Extra Hot Great's daily minisodes last for 1-4 minutes. Each surveys the hosting team on a television-related question, such as "Which TV animal contributed the most to its show" or "What TV character would you make a dinner reservation under." They seem to be on a break right now but there are hundreds of eps in the archive.
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Mike Rowe podcasts, you say? Most episodes are of The Way I Heard It are under 10 minutes.
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Most/many episodes of The Memory Palace are under 5-10 minutes. It's a guy with a very soothing voice telling interesting stories from history, for the most part.
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The World According To Sound - skip the 'Day X' ones, which are crappy ones they did on tour, but do listen to the backlog and (hopefully) the future episodes: 90 seconds focusing on a sound, with just enough context to give you more questions than answers.
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Robot or not? - From their about page: "John Siracusa educates Jason Snell about what is, and what is not, a robot. That’s pretty much it." There have been some longer (~10 min) episodes lately, but most of the old ones are waaay under 5 minutes long.
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If you're open to fiction, the episodes of The Hidden Almanac tend to be five minutes or less.
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Radio 4 in 4 might work. Not a podcast though so maybe too much of a faff to download. Most (all?) are clips from longer episodes, but work well on their own. Hope it's available outside the UK.
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I like the Witness podcast by the BBC World Service. It tells you a little bit about a historical event from people who were there at the time. I think they run about 9 minutes long.

I would also second Robot or Not?
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BrainStuff has tiny tidbits that answer vaguely science-y questions. The last two episodes are "what happens to bullets fired into the air?" And "can water go bad?"
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Have you tried bumping up the playback speed, trimming silences, jumping the first 30 secs? I've got some of mine set as high as 1.6x now.

The Allusionist (closer to 20, monthly?). Side Hustle School (closer to 5, daily).
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Classics for Kids
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Kind World though it's slightly longer than your ideal at maybe 5-8 minutes/episode. Bonus: really minimal advertising/sponsorship text.
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The Writer's Almanac: 5 minutes; Garrison Keillor (of A Prairie Home Companion) talks about events that happened today in history & reads one poem.

Seconding The Hidden Almanac—it's very amusing!
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Birdnote - two minute stories on birds, environment and other stuff every single day.
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Have you checked out the 60dB app? I haven't, but it seems like a one-stop shop for a huge variety of material in the vein of short podcasts.
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The Side Hustle School podcast usually comes in between 5 and 10 minutes unless it's a super special monthly bonus episode. The more recent episodes have way more puns, which appreciate greatly.
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There's Something, Something Birds! — a name-that-tune musical quiz podcast (each episode with a mystery theme to guess), which runs around 8 minutes per episode, give or take.
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I enjoy Engines of our Ingenuity (about 4 minutes, all kinds of inventions and ideas: kitchen gadgets, wombats, the digital camera, fractals, John Deere, Bakelite) and Composers Datebook (2 minutes, composers past and present).
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Sidewalks is something like 3 minutes or less (usually less), recorded bits of conversation with people in public or with the creator's friends/family. very low-key and charming. there are lots of episodes, updated through about fall 2016.
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