Dinner in Jack London Square?
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Hello folks, I'll be checking out the Museum of Capitalism with a visiting friend on Saturday and am wondering if you could recommend a place to get dinner that's fun and would give her a taste of Oakland.

No dietary restrictions and we both love eating everything.
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I strongly encourage you to go to Souley! It's a vegan soul food restaurant, very close to Jack London Square. I'm a carnivore but it was still an amazing meal. I'm pretty sure I had the southern fried tofu burger.
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If you don't mind a little walk, some places near JLS are better than the ones in JLS.

I like Chop Bar and Nido. You could also venture up to Old Oakland, where the old Swan's Marketplace has excellent options, particularly B-Dama and Cosecha, plus there's Miss Ollue's or Tamarindo.

In JLS proper, Bocanova is overpriced and the food is hot and miss, but has the advantage of being large if places are busy. Forge is good but kind of not that unique.
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Seconding vegan soul food.
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Souley Vegan, as suggested by sacrifix, is an excellent choice.

Another possibility would be to hop the free Broadway shuttle and go to Swan's Market, where you'd have a range of choices. Cosecha (Mexican farm-to-table) is my favorite, but I'm also fond of AS B-Dama (Japanese) and Rosamunde (sausages, including vegan). Plus there are several others I haven't been to enough to have much of an opinion about.
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Shan Dong in Chinatown, and get the hand-rolled noodles.

Souley vegan is also next door to Beer Revolution, which has an amazing selection and lets you bring food in.
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Everett and Jones in Jack London has amazing barbecue
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Get an 'everything plate' to go from Souley Vegan and then eat it while you drink at Beer Revolution.

Or Shan Dong is definitely worth walking a few blocks
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When I lived in Oakland, the Fat Lady was one of (if not outright top) my favorite restaurants. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, awesome cocktails, dinner, and dessert. Has a turn-of-the-century feel, to go along with the area and Jack London Square.
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Shan Dong is great and highly recommended. FYI the line will likely be very long on a Saturday night.
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Yeah, Shan Dong is great. It's in a different part of downtown, but in terms of walking distance from the MOC, it's actually only a couple blocks further than Souley Vegan, just in a different direction. The line will definitely be very long on a Saturday night, especially if you've got a bunch of people in your party (I've waited ~45 minutes before). If you do wind up in Chinatown and the line at Shan Dong is really long, Phnom Penh, on 8th, is great, and they usually don't have as much of a wait.

Personally, Souley Vegan would be my first choice, especially if you want to stay in the general area of Jack London Square. It's great food (I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I looove their fried chicken) with a really chill atmosphere, and I think you're more likely to get a seat.

(And the MOC is amazing, by the way).
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in terms of walking distance from the MOC, it's actually only a couple blocks further than Souley Vegan, just in a different direction

Apologies for being nitpicky, but this is not accurate. The Museum of Capitalism is at Embarcadero and Harrison, solidly JLS. Souley Vegan is Broadway and 3rd Street – maybe a third of a mile. Shan Dong is 10th Street between Webster and Harrison – more like two thirds of a mile.

This is not an anti-recommendation for Shan Dong (they're excellent) but it is twice as far a walk going through sketchier spots. Out-of-towners would probably want to catch the shuttle.
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