Chicago with Baby.
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At water tower from 10am to 4pm with baby & stroller. How should I fill the time. I have done this with my older kids and we went to Navy Pier and had a great time. This time I have my 2 month old while my awesome wife is at the Loyola water tower campus for a conference. I am looking for something stroller accessible (regular stroller, not a city stroller), fairly uncrowded, and with AC.

We are happy to walk around a museum but I have to be able to take the stroller in. I am really hoping to stay out of cabs and buses so local places are better. Current thoughts are the waterworks library branch and museum of contemporary art. I think I am set for lunch but recommendations are welcome.
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Your hunches mirror my instincts. Libraries won't bat an eye at a stroller, and likely have some space where you can set out a blanket for floor time.

Our art museums have a floor of hands-on, kid friendly space, so if your kiddo isn't up to soft murmurings of art criticism, some museums are well-equipped for kid-friendly space, with changing tables.

It may be lovely for you to find a self-guided architectural tour for the area, noting public areas that will be open, like a church or public building, to stop for some AC and coffee.
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The Museum of Contemporary Art is down the street from Water Tower and will check strollers. All floors are accessible by elevator. The current Murakami is plenty colorful. Probably crowded on weekends, though.

LUMA would be even more convenient location-wise, but I'm not sure about the stroller check.
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Millenium park is great to walk around in, although it may be farther than you want to walk (and I don't now how awful the heat is right now). If you had a toddler, there's an awesome fountain to splash in, but at 2 months your kid may be a little too young.
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