Why is feedly loading Ask Metafilter (only) in an unlogged-in state?
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How come in iOS, Feedly randomly and frequently loads posts from AskMe -- and only AskMe -- in the unlogged state (modern)? Even if I click thru to open the post in a browser I remain logged out and unable to log in (page just refreshes) even though I stay logged in (in classic) in other tabs and browsers.

When it happens, I end up having to open a new tab, go to the Ask front page, and click the question when I find it. It's annoying enough and frequent enough that I often don't bother.

It's been happening for months and months, in Safari on the iPad and iPhone. I usually have at least one MeFi tab open in (in classic) a browser. This subsite is the only time it happens.

I removed cookies and logged out and in many times but it always happens again.

(Asked here and not MeTa because I think it's a feedly problem, not a MeFi problem. Mods, feel free to move if needed.)
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