Best way to carry condoms with you
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CondomFilter: What is the best way to carry condoms around with you for use away from home? Looking around on the Net, you find advice that keeping it in your wallet or pocket is unsafe (heat and friction), so what other options does a guy have? Will your suggestions work for carrying more than one condom as well?
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In the box, in a backpack. Also, I don't think that it'd be unsafe to keep them in your breast pocket, but that's probably inconvenient.
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In a headband made of condoms, to assure that people know you're safe and looking. ;-)

Other than that, anywhere that isn't subject to heat and pressure. Luggage/backpack/etc.
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Unless you're wearing really tight pants, one of your font pockets should be okay. In situtations where you'll need more than 2 or 3, bring a backpack or something, for crying out loud.
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I'm not sure how long you plan on carrying around these condoms, but I doubt carrying them around in your wallet for a few hours would really do that much damage to them. I get the distinct impression from a lot of these places that say you shouldn't carry them around in your wallet are talking about long term storage...I know a few people who have been carrying around the same condom for a few years (praying they'll get to use it).
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In your sock.

You can discreetly grab them when you're undressing, you won't need to take your eyes off your partner, and you won't waste any time nervously fumbling around in your wallet, distracting you from the business at hand and leading to yet another night of being told "it happens to all men and it's no big deal" even though you know is doesn't and it is.

Or so I've heard.
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You can fit 2 easy, 3 with a little thought into a 35mm film canister where they are well protected. I carry a camera bag everywhere so this is a natural, YMMV.
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This thread from December takes on the issue as well. Down at the bottom (threadkiller is I!) there's a link to various compact condom cases, most of which will hold multiple.
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I had an old cigarillo case I used back in my carefree and single optimistic - days. No reason a cigarette case wouldn't work just as well, I just didn't happen to have one. It certainly was overkill - it easily held 4-6 - but it was nice looking, though I kept it in my briefcase/laptop bag, not a pocket.
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An Altoids(tm) tin was all the rage a couple of years ago, and you can get those littler ones now (tins, I mean).
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You don't have the heat and friction problems if you keep them in the condom pocket (also known as the place where you can store change or an iPod Nano).
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Yeah... undivided pillbox or "cigarette" case or business card case. The metal or plastic kinds.
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There should be nothing wrong with tucking a few into your wallet for a night. The wallet will help with friction, and as for heat, if things go well, the condoms will be heated to body temperature eventually :)

I think it's good to make a habit of putting the condoms in your wallet before a night of partying. You'll always fresh ones (just remember to take them out at the end of the night if they go unused). I'd also recommend having both lubricated and unlubricated. Oral with a lubed condom can be pretty nasty.
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You may carry your condoms in anything for short periods of time (say, up to a week) and be fine. As long as you don't rupture the protective packaging. That is the most important thing. Otherwise, your greatest danger IMHO is sunlight, which can lead to latex decomposition and drying. As long as the wrapper is still sealed, and the condom passes a simple visual inspection, go wild...
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If we're talking about a night of partying, I generally just throw a couple in my back pocket or in my wallet.

If I'm going on vacation, I either do the same as above or just throw them in my bag.
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Man purse.
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