George Bush Jr is more "Presidential" compread to Donald Trump?
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Would you consider President Bush Jr to be more presendial compared to President Trump? Does being blunt lessen the President's dignity?

I distinctly remember the Jr Bush years. The liberal media had a field day with the jokes. His missteps launched 1000 jokes. I remember thinking no other President can beat this comedy show. Then Trump happened. When I look back, Jr. Bush looks presidential and dignified. I also believe his lack of oratory skills should not be held against him. Most importantly, I thought he always spoke from his heart even if the information he had was wrong (I don't know why I believed in his sincerity). I am grappling with understanding President Trump. I am left wondering if he truly believes in what he says. How did he run a business if all he could come up with was 'he is the best person to solve every problem' without disclosing the details. I am also questioning my own assumptions about President Trump. All these years of following liberal media may have turned my brain into a mush. Maybe there is truth in what President Trump is saying and the media is really misrepresenting him.
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Trump has not changed laws to permit torture, detainment without trial, and generally ignore the Geneva Conventions. Not taking into account the various wars initiated by the Obama and Bush presidencies, Trump has not launched any major military campaigns, except bombing a corner of a Syrian airfield.

So, Trump is really more presidential in comparison, a portrait of restraint.
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