What is the best pool cue I can get for under 100 dollars?
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What is the best pool cue I can get for under 100 dollars? Where is the best place online to get one? I'm thinking about getting one for a friend.
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Cue prices have come way down in the past few years. You can get a damned fine cue for $50 or less. We have a couple of the Minnesota Fats label cues, and they are still straight and strong after several years. Anything more I say would be appearance-preference statement, like "Don't get one with a beer logo," so I will stop there.
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I picked up a Viking cue from a local dealer a few years back and I've been very happy with it. It's something similar to this one. It is a good, solid cue to learn with. At the time it was about $110 and worth every penny. I'm guessing if you work with a local dealer you might be able to get an entry level cue for $80-110.
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I have a McDermott cue made right here in Wisconsin. I bought it for about $100 about 10 years ago from a friend who was dealing them. The lowest price one on their website is about $139 but they are worth every penny. They also make many high end tournament style cues that are works of art. I think if you really want a good cue that isn't going to get slapped around then $139 is a good investment.
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As far as purchaing online, I've never done it with pool cues, so I have no experience. But, once you narrow down what you are considering, eBay might be worth a try.
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Hmm. My friend left me a Cuetec cue (Earl Strickland series) last summer . Two piece cue. Hardly been used by me. In pretty good shape. If you're interested, email me.
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Mueller Billiards is my favorite mail order place for pool stuff (darts, too).

I'm a big fan of McDermott cues (I have two), but it's really a matter of personal preference, and you can't really tell what you're going to like until you play with it. The tip is of paramount importance, and everything else is about balance and comfort. What works for someone else may not work for you. Many good pool halls sell cues and will let you rent the higher end ones for an hour to play with them and see how they work for you. Try to borrow some cues from people you know and play with those (but don't be upset if they say no - some people are touchy about letting you bang around with their sticks).

From the reputable vendors, pricing seems to be pretty regular - a $150 cue from any of them will give you about the same "quality", and the difference will be in the specific feel, rigidity, bounce, etc...
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Oh, and another piece of random advice - if you're not absolutely sure what weight you're happy with, pick one that's slightly lighter than you think you want.
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Oops, I missed the "I'm getting one for a friend" part.

Buying a cue is a pretty personal decision. If you want them to actually use it and this isn't just a gesture, I suggest you take them shopping first to see what they like, and gather the above preferences. Just picking them a cue is likely to get them one that's different from what they'd pick out for themselves.

If it's just a gesture, I guess it doesn't matter much.
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While I'd love to get a nice cue as a gift, I'd alway be really bummed I didn't get to pick it out myself. I'd take your friend shopping and give them a $100 limit at the store. Let them pick the right weight and style for themself. Additionally, if you got a cue, you need a case, those also cost money if you just want to get them a case...
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