Elderly-friendly restaurant in Seattle?
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Looking for accessible non-trendy restaurant recommendations in Seattle (north of the Ship Canal would be perfect) for a nice dinner, where my elderly parents would feel comfortable.

I have this problem every year when my parents take their annual road trip to Seattle to visit me - my usual default is Chinook's at Fisherman's Terminal because I can drive them up to the entrance and there's a ramp to the restaurant, and the food is good and not too weird. Also lots of families there with older folk. They loved Louie's Cuisine of China, but that has sadly gone away. Any other ideas? I've also taken them to Ray's Cafe, though I'd love to go to Ray's Boathouse if I wasn't so sure they'd spend the whole meal talking about the prices (even though I'm the one paying). Thanks in advance!
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Is Ivars Salmon House too touristy at this point? It's been a while but they knew how to get the salmon right.
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For a "nice" place that won't culinarily challenge out-of-town oldsters, we've gone to Ivar's (the restaurant). Husband suggests Hi-Life (bathroom is upstairs but they have an elevator) and the Blue Star. Bitterroot for BBQ, The Dish or Patty's Eggnest for brunch, and any Teriyaki joint for super-cheap eats.
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Sadly my "north of the ship canal" knowledge isn't very good, but I've found la Spiga on Capitol Hill to be quite good Italian without being intimidating.
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The Varsity Grill for breakfast.

It's a chain restaurant but when, on his last day in Seattle my dad said "all this food has been healthy and great, but I really just want a steak," I took him to The Ram at U Village and he was happy. (Honestly, there are a lot of chain restaurants at U Village and Northgate that your parents would probably enjoy!)
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Don't know Seattle, but if Ray's Boathouse is where you want to go and them seeing the prices is the only reason to not go, call Ray's and tell them you are treating your parents to a dinner and do they have a version of their menu withOUT prices. I have seen some restaurants that will give the host of the dinner the menu with the prices and the guests ones without prices. This happens at private clubs a lot too.
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Chinook's, just south of the Ship Canal, has wonderful, affordable seafood. It does tend to be a bit noisy.

If you want to go upscale, Nell's in Greenlake has delicious French food, and is a nice, quiet place. They have small plates, which aren't horribly expensive, and delicious seafood.

Duke's Chowder House on Greenlake is moderately priced, and you can sit outside, which is lovely at this time of year.
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13 coins
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Shari's Cafe & Pies is the place. "We serve well-prepared Northwest comfort food at fair prices whenever you’re hungry." 15252 Aurora Ave. N. Shoreline WA 98133
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I like Lake Forest Bar and Grill, in LFP. The food is fine (and not trendy), the service is friendly, and the prices are good (especially at happy hour). I think it's all accessible, but I can't remember what the bathroom situation is. You can park inches from the building.
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(not a Seattle native, but I visit at least once a year, so take this with the requisite grain of salt)

Seconding 13 Coins, though I've only been to the SeaTac location and not the one in Seattle. Pretty wide variety on the menu, very comfort-food oriented, and very tasty (at least IMHO). Prices vary depending on what you order, but about $20-25 per head is a decent estimate (not incl. any alcohol). My faves are the Monte Cristo sandwich and The Believer (chicken parmesan in an alfredo sauce). If they have a sweet tooth, I really like their desserts as well (the cheesecake is especially good).

Shari's is a chain restaurant that is sort of Denny's-like (though much better), but it's pretty hard to find outside of the northwest, so depending on how far away they come from that could be an option. It has the advantage of being pretty inexpensive, and their pies are really good.
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Er, sorry, just looked at 13 Coins menu and I think they may have bumped their prices, so I'd probably say closer to $30 per head.
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