So many babeez?
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It may well be observation bias, but I seem to be noticing a lot of very pregnant women here in NYC lately. Is there any documented evidence of a spike in pregnancies tied to, say, election night stress relief?
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"More babies are born in late September and early October than at any other point of the year." According to google when I asked it. Maybe that would mean more pretty pregnant looking ladies right now, relatively speaking?
In more anecdotal news, election night was not a sexy stress relief kind of night imo. Maybe you'd be better off tracking kidney damage.
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I think it's observation bias, coupled with lighter summertime clothes making it easier to spot obviously-preggers-belly.
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Anecdotally, election night stress resulting in a substantial decrease in my partner being interested in sex.
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Late Sept - early Oct = New Year's Eve bebes .
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Lots of cool graphics on when babies are born (time of day, day of week, week of year) is here. There is a definite July-October spike in births, so you would see more visibly pregnant women walking around now than earlier in the year.
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New Years...and Valentine's Day...puts lots of babies solidly in their second trimester around now.
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I would've assume it was related to winter but I live in a place that's pretty damn chilly for three months but where central heating in homes is rare. Australian baby births spike in March and May (June, July and August are cold) or October, so summer holiday babies. I appreciate that NYC is more civilised and has central heating so that wasn't your first thought!

I spent all Monday in bed because I was so cold (11C/52F inside the house) that even layers, a scarf and being buried under sofa blankets didn't cut it. I have a March birthday and so does my sibling, can totally see how it happened. It was a choice of nonstop chores to keep me moving, slowly turning into an ice block or going back to bed.
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