Need a recommendation for Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer (BC)
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Has anyone worked with a great immigration lawyer/immigration consultant in British Columbia recently & obtained permanent residence in Canada?

We are considering going there; I would like to get some questions answered about our particular circumstances. I have read the government websites about Canadian immigration and took the questionnaires they offer, but I would like to ask someone to give us specific advice about our situation. I searched on here and a few other places but I didn't find recent references of specific lawyers.

My partner and I are not legally married but could be considered common law married in our state in the US, I'm not sure if we should actually get married to help with this process or not. Also, I do real estate investing under an LLC in addition to an unrelated day job so I want some advice on whether or not I could somehow maneuver the activities of the LLC into business immigration. It is in a position this year where I could substantially increase its activity, although I don't necessarily have to.
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I don't have a lawyer recommendation for you. But, the site Road to Canada was a great resource for my partner and I when we went through the PR process. I can pretty much guarantee any question you've had has already been discussed at length on that site.

Good luck with your application!
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I would recommend against immigration consultants here. They are much more poorly regulated than lawyers and sometimes even more expensive. Disputing fees can be difficult and some have been known to engage in unethical practices endangering their clients' cases. I'm sure there are some good ones but it's a minefield.
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Wasn't exactly recent, but Kyle Hyndman handled our not so simple landed immigrant case & we were very happy with the support, personability and reassuring words. (and we're still here, so it worked out!)
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