Recipes for sour cherries
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Seeking recipes for sour cherries! Got some from the farm share and they are tart.
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I have a sour cherry tree in my yard. So far, we have made this ice cream, a cherry-blueberry tart, and a moroccan tagine with the cherries added to harissa.
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Sour Cherry Pie
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I have Nanking cherries, and have made syrup for adding to seltzer water. Here are a few other ideas for sour cherries.
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I like eating sour cherries with plain greek yogurt with a drizzle of real 100% maple syrup. HEAVEN.
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I lucked into some this week as well. I usually make bourbon cherries with them, but bourbon is out of the budget. I'll be macerating mine with a bit of sugar and then making a clafoutis, I think.
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Sour cherry slab pie, or just with yogurt. I've had good luck pitting and freezing them (first flat, then packed in a freezer container).
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Sour cherries are the kind most commonly cooked with, so cherry pie is the ne plus ultra.
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I bought a flat of them last weekend (that's 8 quarts) and made low-sugar sour cherry jam (it's plenty sweet, I promise). I froze a bunch of them for future pies, jams, preserves, chutneys -- just remember that you have to pit them before freezing!
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These pickled cherries are great to have around and dynamite with cheese, etc.
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Make your own (actually extremely tasty) maraschino cherries!
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Yeah, if you think you don't like cherry pie, you probably just don't like it made with canned pie filling. Pie from fresh sour cherries is different and very good.
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Sour cherry soup! It's a Hungarian dessert served cold. My MIL's recipe is sour cherries, heavy cream, sugar, water, and optional champagne, but all the recipes I can find on google call for sour cream or yogurt instead of heavy cream. I'm sure that's fine as well.

It's SO good and refreshing. Tart sweet, cool, and a really pretty color.

(We have almost 20 lbs of sour cherries picked last weekend, all pitted and frozen. They freeze really well. We'll be making sour cherry soup, cherry pie, and Hungarian chocolate cherry cake. I like to save 6 cup bags since that's the amount you need for a pie. We make a cherry pie every New Year's from sour cherries picked the previous summer.)
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I'm using the Julia Child recipe for clafoutis that's on

It smells amazing. If you happen to be in the east village in an hour I'll let you taste a sliver, in case that helps you make up your mind.
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Brandied cherries are great, plus you get cherry brandy. Just cover pitted cherries with brandy and wait. I make mine in a big ole mason jar.
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Sour cherry strudel!! I don't have a recipe to share but Google produces a lot of results (Croatian, German, Hungarian, Serbian, etc.) and I bet they are all delicious!
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While I'm at it, I'm going to put in a plug for this cherry pitter, which I got at my local kitchen store on the recommendation of their staff. You screw it to the top of a mason jar, which catches the pits. It's easier on your hands and most of the splatter goes into the jar.

Here's the cozy backstory from the Wisconsin cherry farmer who invented it. Testimonial: I used it to pit two flats (28 pints!) of cherries this weekend.
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