How do I import existing calendar events into iCloud?
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I have an iPhone with a calendar full of events that originate from a CalDAV server. I do not currently use iCloud for calendar data, and would like to migrate to it. How do I import all my existing events over to an iCloud calendar?

Currently, the CalDAV server is the only account on the device that is setup to sync calendar info (e.g. under "Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars"). The name of the calendar that it's associated with is "MyCalendar", and since it's the only one (other than the "Other calendars" such as "US Holidays"), any new events I create on the device are automatically associated with "MyCalendar". I no longer have access to that CalDAV server.

I assume that it is safe to enable calendar syncing to an iCloud account, in the sense that it will not cause any data loss. True/false?

I also assume that when multiple accounts have calendar syncing enabled, every event is/can be associated with only one account, and is synced accordingly. True/false?

If both those assumptions are true, how would I bulk re-associate all my existing events with an iCloud calendar?

If I disable syncing with the CalDAV account (or go even further and delete the CalDAV account from the device), does that automatically delete all related events? Or is there a chance to say "keep those existing events but associate them with a new calendar" (this seems too good to be true..).

I sync this device with my Macbook via iTunes, but I'm pretty sure that syncing doesn't include calendar data (either because that isn't possible or because I've got that disabled in the sync settings). I don't use the Calendar app on the Macbook right now (so it's not associated with any server accounts), is it possible to use the Mac Calendar as a "working area" to do this migration?

My primary concern here is to avoid data loss, and am willing to jump through some hoops to make this happen, so all suggestions are welcome, especially ones that come from direct experience!
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Best answer: Anyone else who has similar issues may find iExplorer by Macroplant to be useful. I was able to export all the calendar data on my phone to a newly created calendars in the macOS Calendar app, ultimately migrating them into iCloud calendars.
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