Jeans for wide hips, skinny legs, and no booty
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I have wide hips with no booty and skinny legs. Really, the only reason I know this is because pants that fit me in the hips have lots of extra fabric in the butt and thighs, while jeans that fit me in the legs and butt are waaaaay too small for my hips.

My job recently changed the dress code to jeans so now I need to go shopping. I do plan on going to a mall because I really really don't like buying clothes online. Can you help recommend stores or brands that will fit my lower half?

(One more complicating factor: my hips form a shelf instead of a slope, so high waisted jeans don't really work either)
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I have a body like this. It's been a long time since I've bought new jeans, but American Eagle used to have a couple cuts that worked for me.
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Have you tried "stretch" jeans? Some are jeggings, some are just stretchy material with normal construction.
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Men's or youth skinny jeans might fit better.
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You should try boyfriend styles (also sometimes marketed as ex boyfriend, slim boyfriend and girlfriend depending on how baggy they are).

This is a pretty good example -- you can see they're sort of mid-rise, the hips are basically square, and fairly large in proportion to the thigh, the butt isnt really all that roomy. Here's another.

Boyfriend styles are sometimes very baggy in the thigh, but when they are it's in a more flattering way than styles cut for women with larger thighs and smaller waists, IMO.
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I have a very similar body type, I agree with American Eagle. And also try J. Crew although it's been awhile since I have shopped there. The matchstick cut in particular is good. I've heard that Theory is cut similarly but I'm not sure if they do jeans.
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Just in case you don't know about it and are driven to last resorts, lets you enter you measurements and will cut jeans just for you, for not much more than full price name brand jeans (about $70-80), I believe. I haven't got their jeans but I've had great experiences with their dresses, and with their free returns.
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Stretchy was definitely the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions.
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