Is there an Admin role or permissions in Facebook Messenger?
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Several people and I have started a Facebook Messenger group chat for coordinating local Pokemon Go Raids (ALL THE TYRANITAR!). Naturally the group has started to grow in number and there some potentially troublesome people who've been added to the group. Is there any sort of permissions or admin roles within Facebook Messenger?

Specifically, are there admin roles? I started the chat, so does that give me any sort of special permissions I might have or be able to grant to others? Is it possible to remove someone from the group chat in a way that prevents anyone else from adding them back? Is it possible to only allow certain people to add people to the group chat? Is there help group for non-developers (aka users) of the App?
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No. You need to move your Facebook group chat to a Facebook Group. Or move to Slack.
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Yeah, sounds like the kind of thing more suited to a Facebook Group anyway.
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It's a group chat spinoff from a Facebook Group, so that won't work, lol.
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Seconding the suggestion of moving to Slack. Or Telegram or GroupMe. Any of those will do what you want. Sylph Road is also putting out a Raid Co-ordination tool called Radio, that may be worth looking into once they get it out of beta, but I don't know how well that's set up from a moderation standpoint.
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Why can't it? Just create another group.
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Because herding cats is very difficult!
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Discord! At least in my city that is where all pokemon coordinating goes on.
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Thanks for the suggestions for other apps, but the question really is about Facebook Messenger e.g. few people want to download or open another App.
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I think as message starter you might be able to remove participants but can't delegate that power to others. Not sure about perma banning either- but there might be a way to restrict who can loop in others?

Sorry I don't have specific fb howtos but I'm fairly sure it is possible - keep looking.
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