Any recommendations for a grant writing course online?
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I want to take a grant / proposal writing course online or at least learn a lot more about grant writing. Has anyone taken one or heard about one that is better than the rest? Is it something that is better taken in a classroom?
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Response by poster: Also, is it worth it to get a certificate? Just to put on my CV...
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My stepmom learned how to write grants (and got paid for it) by joining AmeriCorps. They sent her to seminars and everything.
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The Foundation Center in New York offers free, online class. I've heard they're pretty good and the Foundation Center is also a great resource for grant writers:

And I'd guess that having a proven record raising money is better than having a certificate. Could you get involved with an local non-profits and help write some grants for them?
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Here are some free UWTV videos of lectures online from the University of Washington.
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Yes, the Foundation Center is your friend. If you live near one, they also offer free seminars and workshops.
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I teach grant writing as part of my job, albeit not in the US, and I have heard many good things about the Foundation Center's services from both those seeking funds and those who give them. I haven't experienced them myself though.
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