Colour tattoos on brown/dark skin
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Are there any great tattoo artists who specialize in colour work on deeper shades of skin, or who have this featured extensively in their portfolios? Not really interested in blackwork, just colour. I'm aware of Miryam Lumpini; surely there are others?

This question inspired by the fact that almost all tattoo artists' portfolios that I've come across feature colour work exclusively or almost exclusively on white or very light people.
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I've seen bright colors by Miya Bailey and other tattoo artists at city of ink in ATL. Not sure where you are located, but I know Miya does tattoo tours. Also Imani Brown. and sebastian tattoos

This tumblr was helpful in my search for someone who does color tatts on brown skin. If you search the archives for "color outside the lines" there is a post listing different artists around the country.
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You may appreciate this previous Ask.
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Thank you both and please keep them coming. :)
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I can recommend Imani Brown as an artist, though I've only had black work from her. You may want to reach out via email.
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