What's a good, simple, non-customer-facing helpdesk product?
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I manage a very small team who deal with support requests directly by phone or email. What can we use to log these calls/emails in a simple, painless way?

We have a tiny team - three people most of the time - supporting a couple of niche online applications for a few hundred clients. Two people deal with the front line support, passing the more technical things on to me. The volume of enquiries is no more than a handful each day.

The current system works like this: a client calls or emails with an issue, and everything else proceeds as a chain of emails or calls, sometimes internal, often with interaction between our team and the client's team.

We don't want to change the basic dynamic. We want to be dealing directly with our clients, so they won't be accessing a ticket system or anything similar. We just need to be able to log calls and emails internally, assign them to someone, and add updates to what I guess would be internal tickets. If we can group tickets by client, search on keywords, and maybe add tags, that would be about the limit of our needs.

There seem to be a million different products, all trying to out-compete each other in terms of integrating with social media and all kinds of stuff. I'm looking for something simple enough that my colleagues will immediately understand it, and which won't add too much of an administrative burden (because if it does, they won't use it).
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HelpScout is pretty simple: https://www.helpscout.net/

I think you can start conversations from within it, too, which is helpful if the client has called in and you're following up afterwards, though I haven't actually used that function myself.

I believe HelpScout fits the rest of your requirements. There are definitely internal notes and tagging of teammates, keyword searching and tags for the tickets themselves. I'm still learning the product myself, but it seems pretty easy to use.
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My workplace uses Lighthouse.
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Manage Engine Service Desk Plus is a good option, we use email and phone exclusively to interact with the client. We recently moved from their on premise to their cloud version of the software and have been rather satisfied.
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I use Groove for this. We support a few dozen clients for website maintenance. Clients can email in and it will create a ticket, but you can also use it for internal tickets and notes only.
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We use Hesk as a stopgap until upper management approaches paying for something more expensive; it's quite intuitive, all it really does is ticket management, and it's free (Provided you have a LAMP server to run it from).
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