Getting a medical exam in Hong Kong
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I'm an American currently in Hong Kong and I need to get a routine medical exam, including chest x-ray and HIV test, for a work visa to a third country. I'm looking for recommendations of doctors, clinics, etc--as well as any useful "this will be different than the American health care system you're used to" advice.

I don't have any significant health problems to speak of, and I don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin. Also, while I'll be reimbursed for the expenses of this, I'll have to pay out of pocket up front--which is not a problem, though I'd rather err on the inexpensive side of things.
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Hi, I live in HK.

My company sends people in your situation to Quality Healthcare. I've only been to the ones in Admiralty and Quarry Bay but there are others elsewhere. Their basic physical for men and women, which includes a chest x-ray, costs HKD 920 (around 115-120 USD - perhaps not super-pricey from a US perspective?).

Everyone's English is great and they also do other laboratory tests; presumably this would include an HIV test. I would call them on 8301 8301 and ask about what you want - they have something they call a 'Visa medical test' but it may be worth going over with the person on the phone the specific tests you'd like.

As far as what happens when you go in, it's very similar to any other private, pretty nice US medical facility: water dispenser, couches, slightly too-cool air conditioning, vague sense that you've been waiting a long time even if you haven't been. You may see a number of people in masks, including the staff; this is half protection of yourself when you are ill, and half protecting your fellow patients from getting whatever you've got.

Other big private medical groups that probably do this are Raffles and Human Health.
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I used to live in Hong Kong (a few years ago), and my workplace also sent us to Quality Healthcare. It was exactly as mdonley describes, down to the air conditioning. The staff speak good English and the system is very efficient. I wish healthcare in the U.S. now was this easy.
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