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My kitten's poops smell like the description on the inside. Kitten is picture of health and has seen vet recently. What could be causing this STINK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

My kitten's poops are so fragrant they have woken me up. They smell like the kitten version of Louis C.K.'s bit about cleaning up his infant daughter from a poop that was as if she had gotten drunk and eaten a Grand Slam at Denny's.

We have two other cats and none of their poops have this WMD quality

If you want a picture of the Cat Whose Shit Stank Like Whoah, here he is (offending anus not pictured).
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Kitten poop is always horrendous, and some cats just seem to have stinker poops than others. Certain foods can make it worse, too. My cat has poops that smell of vomit and burned hair. I switched her to a grain free food and her poop stunk so badly that it burned my eyes.
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Our cat's poop got much less nasty after we changed his food. YMMV.
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1 - Higher quality food helps.
2 - Some litters react weird with some poops, you could try a different litter.
3 - Generally an adult cat will be less pooperific, just wait until he grows up.
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Grain free, high quality food really helps! My preferred brand is Wellness Core.

Something that helped one of my cats when she had Weapons Grade Poops was to give her plain yogurt with live/active cultures. Mine seemed to prefer the full-fat kind. I gave her a couple teaspoons at a time for a week or so and it reset her gut flora so her poops would be less deadly.

Kitten poops are really really stinky, as others have pointed out. But if Kitten has diarrhea and/or mucusy stools as well, you will want to take him to the vet to be tested for giardia or other parasites.
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Oh god, kitten poops are THE WORST. Thank god our most recent addition seems to have left her wallpaper peeling feces in her past. Maybe try changing food?
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They do make cat probiotics that you can sprinkle on their food. I was skeptical, but it solved my adult cat's horrible diarrhea.
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When we brought our cat home from the shelter, he was so gassy and his poops could clear a room! As others said, a grain free diet is key. In the meantime, we gave him clean scat treats to help with the stink. Good luck!

Also...he is adorable!
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I've noticed with my cats that their... deposits smell less awful if their food does not contain fish.
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Dittoing Pallas Athena: I've found that giving kittens (or cats) food that doesn't have any fish in it helps a lot. Maybe try sticking to food with chicken, turkey, etc.
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Our cat Radish had some real issues with poopstink. We were feeding him a real fancy cat food and everything. The vet recommended we switch to decidedly non-fancy IAMS, and he has been virtually stink-free since then.
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Just went through this with our adult cat who has always had napalm level poops but we just sorta... accepted it until things changed. Our (amazing, wonderful, if you're in Seattle go to Lien Animal Clinic) vet listened to our descriptions and coupled with Korben's long history of not liking to eat much and not at all being food motivated, said that he sounds like a textbook case of protein intolerance.

We had him on Wellness grain free indoor dry food which is primarily chicken and potato, and the same brand of canned, but the only flavors Korben would eat were the salmon and tuna flavor. Vet said the most common proteins that cats are intolerant of are chicken and fish, and that we needed to avoid potato based binders as well just in case. Oops! After shopping around and Korben tasting many things we settled on duck and green pea dry food and rabbit and pork canned food because that's what he would eat.

Except, after a month now, he eats food so much more enthusiastically! He doesn't leave any behind and even checks if his bowls have been magically refilled after he finishes them. He's finally gained weight after a lifetime of being underweight. His huge fluffy coat has gotten even fluffier, out of season for it. He had been a farty cat, which I found amusing but he did not enjoy, that's stopped. And most importantly his napalm poops have dialed back down to normal stink levels equal to that of our other cat's. Texture's more consistent too, so easier to scoop.

Kittens are different from adult cats and I'm not familiar with them because I've always adopted adults, but after you take him to the vet with fecal samples to get tested for parasites like giardia, bring up the idea of protein intolerance and see what your unusual protein choices for kitten food are. The keyword when searching for it is "limited ingredient diet" or LID.
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We had this issue with Beatrix T. Cattenborough when she first came to live with us at 7 weeks old. It was the first time in my life I realized that cats can fart, and she could absolutely clear a room.

When we switched her off of Iams to minimum carb wet food (Weruva and Tiki Cat for the most part) it made a huge difference. Our vet also advised that cats really shouldn't be eating carbs anyway (food chart here). The gas disappeared entirely and overall stinkyness reduced by 90%.
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Eponysterical. Our partial solution was to clean the box more often. If the cat cannot (or will not) easily bury the delivery, the stink is terrible. Also, what everyone above said about changing up the culinary delights served to the cat who can clear a room.
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We have a cat (who incidentally looks exactly like yours) who used to lay house-clearers like that all the time. He now eats Royal Canin Digest Sensitive dry food exclusively (with a little bit of beef mince very infrequently, and a Greenie or two as a treat now and then) and the consistency of his poops has improved, and you can also no longer smell them from down the street.
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One of our cats was fairly young when we adopted him, around 3 years old. He had ASTONISHING gas that the vet diagnosed as allergies. Because his origins were unknown we had to try several things (no poultry, no fish, grain-free, limited ingredient food, you name it, we tried it) before landing on one that worked: hydrolyzed protein cat food (Hill's zd canned with a sprinkle of Royal Canin hydrolyzed dry because he's spoiled). It's more expensive, but 100% worth it. He's much happier now; it probably felt just as bad on the inside as it smelled on the outside.
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Years ago we had this problem. Vet recommended a small amount of canned pumpkin. It worked. Might be worth a try.
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Thanks everybody! We have indeed noticed that the WMD poops happen intermittently, which would line up with the fact that sometimes we give him fishy food, sometimes not! We will work on it. Thanks all!
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