Help me create an impressive Job Title!
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I need to create a new job title for myself and I want it to sound as impressive as possible. The company is in the US, but it's a subisidiary of a non-US company and they don't use typical US titles. The highest job title in the company is General Manager, so you can't have a title with higher-level words in it, like Director, Executive, or Vice President. But of course I want the best-sounding title I can manufacture.

The job is in IT, reporting to what would at other places be called the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), but is in fact called IT General Manager. I'm being asked to fix IT's reputation in the company, make sure all our Business Analysts and Project Managers follow appropriate standards, and make sure they Get Things Done and communicate well with internal customers. I'll be managing the Business Analysts and Project Managers.

I had a similar job before (at the same company) and we called it Program Manager, but I'd like to improve on that. More recently I've been a Solutions Architect. I've thought of things like Senior Program Manager or Principal Solutions Architect. What is the best possible job title you can think of for me? It's OK if they don't make complete sense.

It's a conservative bank, so not much whimsy will be permitted.
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Manager, Technology Operations
Manager, Information Technology
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Best answer: Lead Systems Process Architect
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Technological Synergy Specialist (or Consultant)
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Senior Program Manager is pretty good, conveys enough authority and is accurate. Solutions Engineer has a meaning that doesn't fit what you're doing. Don't get too carried away with the word salad trying to come up with something more impressive, your resume is a lot more than your titles and at least most industries will know that.
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FWIW, "program manager" has meant something different at literally every company I've worked at. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your industry career ambitions...
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I like Manager, Information Technology, but if you can get everyone in the habit of saying "Oh, (lockedroomguy)? They're the head of IT," or that you run the technology department, that's better than any title.
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Response by poster: To wrap this up: I went with Senior Program Manager, but marked Best Answers for the suggestions I liked the most. Thanks all!
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