find these two books please?
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My friend has been looking for this book, "The Red Pony" for 25 years, but "it's not the fucking Steinbeck Red Pony."

- about a girl who gets a pony or horse
- she kind of borrowed it from someone
- in the end, the person whose it is lets her keep it.
- long, convoluted old wester story, maybe set out west.
- very young kids chapter book
- Fox Lake library in Urbana IL had it, like 25 years ago, til they got rid of it.
- definitely "The Red Pony"
- no illustrations

We didn't find it in WorldCat interlibrary loan.

Retelling of Beauty & the Beast
- beast is female
- play on value of beauty
- female character is not beautiful, but is in the position of power
- beauty is a male character that picks a rose for this woman he's trying to woo and the beast catches and punishes him for it
- no distinct ending
- young adult book
- short story
- from retelling, my friend has found like 6 people know of this book but not its title
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The Red Roan Pony

Joseph Wharton Lippincott - Lippincott, 1934

"I loved the Western part of this story of the forging of the bonds of friendship between Johnny, youngest son of a rancher, and the red roan pony, won from the wild herd by Johnny's genius with animals. The pony was offspring of a wild roan sire and a grey, strayed circus pony, Arabian stock and fleet of heel. The colt had his father's color and stamina, his mother's speed, and he and Johnny became famous when the two year old beat all comers.... I found the story a bit less plausible when the pony comes east, as pet of a ""poor little rich girl"", and again makes good in horse shows and race track. But any boy or girl who loves horse stories -- and this goes from third to fourth grade up to the teens -- will find this a very superior brand of tale." - via Kirkus
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The Red Roan Pony has already been rejected. It definitely wasn't a rich girl, and the title was "The Red Pony."
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Are there any librarians in Urbana Illinois who have been there for over 25 years?
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Translation of De Rode Ponnie perhaps? Plot summary makes it sound reasonable. Seems to be an English translation.
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Here is a description of that English translation:

"Farmer Klauss is tricked into taking a little red pony in exchange for his two good work horses, when a group of gypsies convince him the pony has unusual magic powers. When the farmer discovers the pony is just a pony, he enlists the help of his wife, his cowherd and a policeman to recover his good horses. The little gipsy girl Rosalita misses her little red pony, and helps the farmer and the others play a magic trick of their own on the gypsies."

Though it doesn't meet two of the OP's criteria:

- definitely "The Red Pony"
- no illustrations

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Have you tried the Loganberry Books site? There is the newer blog format which I don't find very helpful but the original format, Stump the Bookseller, which is a bit chaotic, has much more information. You can also post queries for a small fee. Here is the page for "R" since you are certain of the title. It's not in alphabetical order otherwise. Have a poke around.
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Might it be The Red Colt, by Julie Marie Caracci?
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Not all of the details fit, but the rough plot and the age seem a lot like the book Summer Pony that I read about 25 years ago: girl gets a temporary pony, gets to keep it at the end. Could that be it?
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As for the bonus, this collection of YA Beauty & Beast retellings may be of use -- no disrespect intended, but I was not motivated to go through all the book listings to see if it contained a genderswapped one.
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The Little Red Pony perhaps?
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