Singularities and Sisyphean Spikes in literature and film
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Looking for literary/filmic examples of singularities, infinite pits, wormholes, whirlpools, bore holes, large spacetimes in tiny crevices. But also... Peaks too high to navigate, infinite ascents, Sisyphean feats of endurance, energy spikes set to break reality, very tall towers.
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"Gateway" by Fred Pohl involves a crew trapped in orbit around a black hole.
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The Music of Chance by Paul Auster has an impossible construction job.
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Egan's Permutation City has a character who spends a few hours climbing an infinite wall forever. It makes sense in context.
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Wormholes are central to Farscape.
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In The Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang there is a short story called Tower of Babylon.
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The short story "Tower of Babylon" by Ted Chiang (in the collection "Stories of Your Life and Others") meets several of your criteria.
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The Way in Greg Bear's Eon.
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Red Dwarf has the Time Hole, aka giant swirly thingy.
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The novel White Light by Rudy Rucker is all about exploring the mathematical meaning of infinity, and the different natures of different levels of infinity. It includes such scenarios as trying to reach a planet that's an infinite distance from earth, climbing an infinitely tall mountain, and how a hotel with an infinite number of rooms could accommodate a new guest. It's all very mathematically sound while also being very silly.
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The Doctor Who episode "Heaven Sent" features the most Sisyphean feat of endurance I can remember committed to film. (I'd suggest watching it without reading the synopsis first, if you can.)
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The short story "Descending" by Thomas M. Disch is an excellent and early take on an infinite pit, as manifested by a department store escalator.
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House of Leaves
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Whirlpools? See Edgar Allan Poe's A Descent Into The Maelström.
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zelazny's The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and Other Stories contains This Mortal Mountain - a terrific piece of short science fiction about the biggest mountain.
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Sisyphean feats of endurance: touching the void, book and film five stars.
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i haven't read the whole xelee sequence by baxter, but the anthology Vacuum Diagrams is largely centered around the effects of changing the local planck constant to zero. it's a grand tale that snapshots baxter's universal history from the big bang to heat death.
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Singularity by William Sleator is a young adult sci-fi novel. Two twin boys are visiting a relative when they find out that a singularity exists in a shed on the relative's property. One of the twins decides to spend a "year" in the shed, which only takes a brief time in the real world, thus making him a year older than his twin.

Sleator's books usually took a single concept like this and fashioned a story around them.
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Borges' The Aleph and The Library Of Babel among many others.
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