Help me find this poster from the 1980s
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I have this image in my head of a popular poster in girls' rooms in the '80s. It was a long, narrow poster of multiple scoops of ice cream on a cone.

I have a very vivid picture in my head of this poster (it may have also been depicted as a sticker). It was an illustration (not a photo) of an ice cream cone with maybe six scoops of ice cream stacked one on top of the other. Each was a different pastel or "pretty" color. I think the scoops may have dripped a little into one another. The bottom scoop definitely dripped onto the cone.

I have been searching for hours to no avail. Piles of rainbow scoops of ice cream were very popular in the '80s--this Lisa Frank sticker evokes the poster in my mind, but the one I'm thinking of was less psychedelic. The poster itself was probably 4 feet tall by 1.5 feet across. I can see it on the wall of friends' rooms circa 1984.
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I know EXACTLY what you're talking about--I think I remember seeing it at a Hallmark store in the 80s and regretting not buying it.Definitely a color illustration and not a photo. Unfortunately I've never seen it since...
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I was just talking about this the other day and I seem to remember that it was a centerfold of a teen or kids magazine. Grew up in Canada in the 80s.
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Just did some googling and I think it might have been from Dynamite magazine.
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Oh, wow. I remember that very, very clearly. I remember the moment when my mom and I were in a very hip store in LA and she declined to buy it for me. It was definitely everywhere for a hot minute in the early 80s. I don't think it came from a magazine -- it was too long, and available in shops.
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I know it, I think I had it. Will keep looking.
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This is likely not it, but is this close?
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I can't seem to find a source (just people re-posting the image on Pinterest) but could it be this? I found it by Googling "ice cream scoops illustration vintage" but I don't really know anything about it.
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I don't know if this helps but Solano Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream in Albany, CA has one of these on the wall. Not the one linked above, btw - no cherry on top. By the look of it it's been hanging there since the 80s...
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Response by poster: The illustrations posted above are too artsy, if that makes sense. There is no evidence that a human hand drew the ice cream in the poster I remember. It had a gloss and perfection. Each scoop was full and round, aside from evidence of minimal shadow the scoops were uniform in color. It's heartening that others remember it. I figured it would come up quickly in a google search but no such luck.

It was the sort of poster that was in those files of poster frames in Hallmark-ish stores and you could clack clack clack rifling through each one.
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Yeah, from what I remember it was an extremely realistic illustration--not cartoony or whimsical at all, but definitely not a photo either.
However, my memory is that the poster itself was long but very narrow--like maybe 4-6" across and maybe 3-4' long--which is different from the OP's memory.
I am inexplicably intrigued by this!!
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Was it this one?
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I...I had it too! I want to say it was a photo
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I had a version of this poster that was close to MonkeyToes' but had more scoops and no cherry. I'm sure it was a photograph, but now you have me questioning whether it was a very lifelike illustration. My grandma had the same one in her house and very likely still has it because she still has everything. I may be able to look for it if nobody else comes up with an answer. This is close to what I had but I'm fairly sure it's not it because it's not photo-realistic enough to match my memory.

It may not help but I got it as a gift along with the Springbok puzzle "Do Yourself a Flavor" around 1985 and I'd guess both came from a Hallmark store based on the person who gave them to me.
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I believe my local ice-cream shop may have this poster still on their wall, though theirs may be a photograph rather than an illustration. Next time I go, I will take a picture of said poster and see...
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I used to work for Portal Publications (Corte Madera, CA) back in the mid-to late 80's. Among other things, we did 6ft high posters of various things including expensive sports cars, and, I think we did this poster--I'm going to see if I still have some old catalogs that might have it and will report back. I know we did a fold-out card with ice cream scoops...
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So I checked and, unfortunately during the Purge of '13, I got rid of a lot of my old work-related items and the Portal catalogs went. But I do think this may have been a part of our "Big As Life" line of posters.
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