Looking for a Boston/Cambridge version of POPville
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I want a local-area blog for the Boston/Cambridge area. Is there a blog where you hear about local restaurants opening or closing, and there are pictures of cool local architecture, and people send in notices about local news like "there was a fire in this building last night" and "we are looking for our lost cat"?

I used to live in DC, and had a good handle on finding local news, community events, real estate listings and general goings-on. I like PoPville in particular, with its personal voice and things like people posting pictures of their pets and bickering over the Good Deal Or Not real estate postings.

Now I live in Cambridge/Somerville area of Massachusetts and although I'm aware of some blogs, some don't seem to be updated much anymore. Please recommend a PoPville replacement for my new city! Or tell me your favorite local Boston or Cambridge blogs.
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Universal Hub by mifi's own adamg!
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Seconding Universal Hub, and for more Camberville-specific stuff The Davis Square Livejournal was certainly active and useful right up until livejournal went away, and appears to have moved over to Dreamwidth.
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Scout is a monthly magazine with fun articles about what's going on in Cambridge, but it also has an online version.
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For restaurants, there's Boston Restaurant Talk and their sister site Boston's Hidden Restaurants. Eater Boston is also very active, but not quite as personal I guess.

If you just want an infodump of everything going on in the area, The Boston Calendar lists a ton of events but is kind of hard to wade through.

You're also probably going to want to know about the weather.
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Boston Restaurant Talk is somewhat industry level and Universal Hub seems to reference the topics of general interest, but it's active.
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I can nth Universal Hub!
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Scout also has a very entertaining/informative enewsletter!
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With all the standard reddit caveats /r/boston has locals posting on local topics. And I don't know about other towns but Arlington has a "town email list", you might ask around.
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