US to Mexico travel, expired passport one week after arrival
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I am traveling to Mexico July 14 and returning to the US July 19th. I mis-read my passport thinking I had one year left, and now 2 weeks before travel I realized my passport expires on July 24th. I have called my airline, travel agent and passport agency who had told me I "should" be fine, because Mexico only requires valid passport at the date of entry, and since my passport doesn't expire until a week after my travel is complete that I will be okay. I am just concerned about this. I have googled and found that Mexico requires 6 months- but everyone else is telling me I'm fine. I have tried to expedite my passport, but the only appointment available is the DAY before my flight, and they ask you to surrender your passport which makes me extremely nervous. I would rather risk a valid passport than not have one at all and something happen. Any insight I haven't already been informed of to give me peace of mind?
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You are fine. Bring your exit ticket in case there are any questions.
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If you are less than two weeks from departure, you can go to a Passport Agency office without an appointment if that makes you feel more comfortable. But, if you use your day before appointment, you will get your new Passport the same day (and you'll get the old, punched Passport back). There was a recent Ask about this very thing.
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Best answer: According to the state department, your passport just needs to be valid on entry.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I just want to avoid surrendering my passport with less than 24 hours for expedited renewal if it is not necessary- the ONLY appt available in DC was the afternoon before my departure flight and you can't just walk in. I am valid throughout my week in Mexico, so it seems that I will be fine. After some phone calls and more research it seems that as long as I am valid during my travel, I will be okay... if anyone has experienced otherwise, post. Thanks again!
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I just want to emphasize that you don't need an appointment. They will say you do, but I've done a walk-in with no appointment 3 times (even for other people who had authorized me to do so on their behalf). I just had to show that I (or the person I was there for) was travelling internationally within 2 weeks (copy of a ticket confirmation) and I was able to get an expedited Passport the same day. I can't tell you how many people at the Passport Agency were there after having been turned away at the airport on the day of the flight. I personally wouldn't risk it if I lived anywhere close to a Passport Agency office.
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I got a new passport the day before my flight to Mexico because that was the earliest appointment I could get. I went in at 9am and had my new passport in hand at 3pm.
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