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How can I support my friend from afar who is being airlifted/Med evac'd to Miami?

My friend was coughing blood and went to the hospital in st. Croix where she lives. The found a "cavity" on her lung with a CT scan. Last night they thought they'd send her to Puerto Rico for further treatment/care but apparently no hospital would take her and right now she's being sent to Miami.

She's in her young twenties and when I asked if family would be going to Puerto Rico she said no. I'm not sure if that's changed with the Miami change. When she last saw them about 4 weeks ago she was having some conflict. I can't go down there myself because of a family vacation starting tomorrow (and my entire family hasn't gotten together for about 2 years). I might be able to go down later in the week and cut the family vacation short but then I'd need to fly back to my home of Charlotte, NC.

What can I do that would be helpful from afar? I feel REALLY bad that I can't go down there. I might be able to take more vacation and go down to St. Croix next week. I have no idea how long she'll be in the hospital for or even if she'll be back to STX by then. Does anyone have advice for how to get a cheap flight? I'm not a romantic partner or family. What else can I do during her hospital stay? Any ideas on how long she might be there?
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Since you didn't get any better answers, I'll take a try -
One thing that she might really value (if she is up to talking on the phone at all) is to give her a way to make outgoing US and international calls from her hospital bed. There are services that offer prepaid calling cards (although these days, it is mostly access numbers and code numbers and no actual cards). Maybe you could do the research and buy one for her to use to talk to you and to her family and/or friends.

Flowers in the room are also nice if they are allowed - you can call the nurses station and ask once she gets admitted.
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