Can I save or archive my best blog post?
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I want to close my blog, and stop paying the domain and hosting fees, but I have one particular post that I'd hate to lose. Is there a way to save it?

I have a blog that I no longer use and so I want to stop paying for it later this year. I am planning to start a new website to use as a writing portfolio, and transfer over some of my favourite content.

I am not worried about the stats or saving the URLs of any of my past content except for one particular post.

This post is actually not related to my current blog at all, but it was a convenient location to put it up. It's got a great Google ranking and a link that is now all over the place. I really don't want to lose all the cred by transferring the post when I close my blog.

Is there a way to save it somehow? I'm not super blog/website savvy so I'm not sure if this is a thing or not. I do know that I can't transfer over the link without paying for the premium service, which was my first thought, and not my preferred option.

Any advice would be great.
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If you don't mind sharing, who is the blog host, the service that hosts the blog? It might be possible to export from there. If I were you, I'd search for "export blogspot" (assuming blogspot).

You can load the blog post and save it using your web browser; save it as "Web page: complete" and it'll save both an HTML file as well as a subfolder containing the pictures and other add-in elements on the page.
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I think the only way to retain the URL is to keep the domain name and create an addon domain that has only that page. Your web host shouldn't charge extra for it, so just find the cheapest domain registrar and hold on to the name.
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Right, archiving the post is easy, any of us could scrape the content using the current working URL, including text, links, images, etc.

Preserving the actual URL, the bitly bit, or and search discoverability is an entirely different matter. If you clarify what you care about that might get you better answers. I'm not sure what you mean by 'cred' but closing out your current blog host is goIng to forfeit all the important parts of the URL.

If you just want to preserve text, hit ctrl-a to select all text, ctrl-c to copy it, then ctrl-v to paste it in to any text editor or word processor.

If you want to preserve the bitly link, I'm pretty sure paying is the only guaranteed way to make that work out once the content is no longer available via the original URL. There are probably forwarding/redirect methods that may work for a lot of cases but to know for sure with the bitly link you probably have to do the thing and then try the link.
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What would your ideal solution to this look like? Could you archive it on
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Response by poster: To follow up:

It's a Wordpress blog, hosted by Web Hosting Hub. Not sure if that is helpful.

The post is a photo spread of a room makeover I did. I don't need to preserve the content as I have the original photos, but the post and photos appear very prominently on Google (links and images) and all over Pinterest, plus I have used the link hundreds of times when promoting the post, especially on Facebook.

By cred, I mean all those pathways that currently link back to the post. I.e. all the Google search images, Pinterest posts etc. When the blog is closed, I assume the links will just lead nowhere?

What I want, is for people to continue to be able to find the post using the pathways that are already out there, without having to continue to pay for hosting a whole blog with only that one post.

I could put the post back up on my new site, but that would give it a new URL and the bit/ly would be outdated. Is there a way to redirect the original URL?
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There is no way to do what you want without owning the domain or paying to have the bit/ly target changed.
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Best answer: You have You want to take down
You would like to have, with all of the existing links to redirecting to

High Level order of operations:
1) Migrate important-post content to
2) Change domain records for domain to forward to
3a) Make sure that the other content that no longer exists isn't getting redirected to something broken. If is redirecting to, and old post doesn't exist on new blog, that might be broken and you might want it to just redirect to the home page, for example.
4) Shut down web hosting for Because of step 2, you will need to keep paying for

If is also going to be a Wordpress site, there good tools to migrate the content over: All-In-One is the one that I usually use. You can get rid of all the content that you don't want after the migration fairly easily. If isn't going to be a Wordpress site, there might be an easy way to migrate the content depending on platform. If there isn't, it might not be too hard to just recreate the post manually, depending on how complex it is.

You can close down the hosting account for oldblog, but you need continue paying for the domain name so that the rules can be in place to redirect traffic to The way to do this is with domain forwarding from your domain registrar-that might be Web Hosting Hub, or it might be another company. If you are getting a free domain from Web Hosting Hub with your hosting plan, you might need them to separate the domain from the hosting for you before you shut down the hosting.

Web Hosting Hub Redirect Instructions

I do this kind of thing for a living and would be happy to help you set this up in an hour or two. MeMail me if that would be helpful.
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As I see it, you will need to keep paying for the domain. You can find a sympathetic soul with a server to host the page for you (edit: for free), and point your DNS records to that server.

But if you want links to to keep working, you need to keep paying for
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