Oh dear god, gross, eewwww! Help!
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I have seen a few cockroaches around our house, probably attracted by the crumbs my 1 year old baby is leaving all over. We are going away for almost 2 months. What can I do so that my house is roach free when we return? Can I just put foggers in the room where I have seen them when we leave? These are European roaches. Did I say gross?

I am hoping that in a couple months he isn't letting so much food drop all over, plus he will be going to daycare so won't be eating so many meals and snacks at home. Will these guys just leave while we are away? Will they stay away? I have bought 6 fogger things and am hoping they arrive on time!
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Feed your baby in one place and then clean up afterwards. Stop "letting him" drop food all over your house. I mean....roach nirvana, sounds like.

Foggers do work, but don't get into nooks and crannies, which is where some of the roaches will be when the foggers go off. Plugging up nooks and crannies, and spraying them, is what a professional could do for you. I would call one, for your peace of mind. Good luck.
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Best answer: Advion Gel Bait. I've used this successfully twice for two very different roach infestations. After our kitchen renovation we must of accessed an outside tree roach nest that then made an easy gateway into our house. We are in Houston, Texas, these are those big two inch terrifying flying ones that charge at you. It was awful. They traumatized us. Even the dogs were scared of them. This knocked them out in a few days.

Also in my mom's apartment which had a worse infestation of smaller German roaches that can be very hard to get rid of once they set in. It worked with these too.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos of people using it and I just watched a bunch of those. I placed a little bit on a square of toilet paper and put them anywhere I saw roaches. It was disgusting. The theory is that they eat it then go back to the nest and die then the others eat the dead one and it kills the nest too. But they also crawl out of the woodwork and die in the middle of you floor. Creepy white ones come out to die. I found out those are ones that are molting and they are more fragile so they rarely come out. The fact that it forced the hiding ones out of their hiding places was a good sign to me.

Much cheaper then hiring a pro and you're controlling where poison lands in your house. Bombs always weird me out thinking a foggy film of chemicals is all over everything. Good luck!
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Clean up any crumbs constantly, make sure anything they might eat is packed away in Tupperware. That gets you on a stable footing. You can set bait or poison, but the only way to have some assurance is to call a pro, especially with the trip coming up. They find nooks and crannies that I would never find. I'm all for diy, and by all means try that, but a pro is not always super expensive and will work with you on price. Find a highly recommended local person, not a large chain that has to pay salespeople in addition to techs.
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Return the foggers, go with the gel bait.

Do you have a cleaning service and/or someone house sitting for you? Get your home treated with new applications of the gel bait every two weeks, then have a friend remove the bait traps and get your home deep cleaned before you get back.

YMMV on who/how you want businesses and their employees to know your travel schedule because you don't want your house robbed, but this is more or less what I might do. A trusted house sitter can pretend to be the owner and order the deep clean from Merry Maids as though they live there. No one needs to know you are out of town.

In this fashion your toddler never comes into contact with the pesticide and the application is very controlled. Good luck.
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Best answer: Also they need access to water so plug your sink drains at night.
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Seconding knownassociate - that combo will get rid of them.
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Good point about the water!

You may have a leak somewhere that has encouraged their infestation. Google for tips on locating leaks or have an inspection done. Check outside sources, too.
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Best answer: You know, if you're going away for two months... I've always lived in apartments, so houses confuse me. But can you turn off the water in a whole-house kind of way? Drain the pipes, make the house bone dry for that period? That might help, along with pesticides.
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