Quench my (very specific) thirst?
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Seeking your recommendations for tasty, reasonably healthy, nonalcoholic, ideally-not-too-caffeinated cold beverages. Would welcome specific brand suggestions, general categories of beverage, and/or recipes (syrups? infusions? kombuchas?) to make at home. Some preferences below:

Like: iced black coffee, green tea, shrubs, kombucha, tonic, hipster cocktails with housemade syrups and such

Dislike/want to avoid: too much caffeine, lots of artificial flavors and/or calories (definitely under 100 calories for an 8-ounce serving, ideally less than 50), ginger beer unless it's not too spicy, probably dairy

(PS: I saw these previous questions but wonder if anything new is on the market and/or has become more widely available in the intervening years.)

(PPS: I am located in NYC. Even you think your favorite beverage is not, please share it! I appreciate any and all inspiration.)
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I'm a big fan of bitter lemon. Fever Tree is available at specialty grocers.
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Try iced roasted barley tea. No caffeine, lots of malty flavor, mixes well with just a little sweetness or many other herbal teas and fruits, add coconut milk for non-dairy creaminess. You can pick up a whole bunch of bags at any asian supermarket. I have a big pitcher in my fridge right now.

Guava nectar is delicious and remains delicious even when thinned out to like 50/50 with water (try some sparkling if you're that kind of person) and mixes very harmoniously with savory flavors. It's my favorite juice. Also makes a kickass marinade.
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Switchel! You can make your own and it's super refreshing (and healthy). I use this recipe. It has ginger but you can adjust to your liking.

The answers to this question have some good ideas too.
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If you like shrubs, have you tried switchel? It's super easy to make at home:

Slice up a piece of ginger about the size of your thumb. (This gives a little kick but not too much heat, in my experience.) Put this in a bottle with 4 tsp apple cider vinegar, 4 tbsp honey or maple syrup, and 4 cups of water. Shake it up and let it chill for 12 hours or so, then strain the ginger out and enjoy.
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Tepache! Mexican fermented pineapple drink.

I can explain how to do it here, or you can just watch this entertaining and informative video here. Forego the habanero and use less ginger if you want it less spicy, and go easier on the sugar for less resultant calories. It will turn out technically boozy, but only in the region of, like, 0.5%. Delish!
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Or just homemade berry sodas. Literally: take some nice organic berries, put them in a jar (e.g. large mason jar) with some nice filtered water, toss in a tiny bit of sugar or honey, stir (or shake) thoroughly, seal, and wait. It will ferment and create natural carbonation, and is also very delicious. I have done it with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, and they all came out great.
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Water kefir made from lemon ginger juice is the best thing on a summer day. I use a specific brand of juice from my local market to make it, but I'll have to get back to you on the name.
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Try making iced tea with flavored teas. Tazo has some nice passion and orange teas that you can steep cold. Super yummy!
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Shrubs are amazing and extremely refreshing.

I'm also very partial to 식혜 (sikhye) on a hot day, although it is pretty sweet.
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Is decaf cold brew coffee not an option? I make mine at home, super concentrated so it's nice and strong in flavor (but still very low caffeine). I add just a quarter cup of whole milk, so it's just under 50 calories. I like to make it ahead of time and place it in the freezer for 30 min so it gets nice and cold and a bit slushie.
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I've been drinking flavored stevia in water with lots of crushed ice this summer. My favorite right now is cinnamon.
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I drink ridiculous amounts of Hint Water. No caffeine, no calories, just delicious non-artificial fruit flavor. (I'm particularly fond of the pomegranate and blackberry flavors.)
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Was also going to say horchata.
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Seconding Hint. Also Dry Soda. The calories vary, but are generally under 100.

I also used to do infused water. Just dump a bunch of chopped up cucumbers or berries in a pitcher of water, chill in the fridge. Strawberries were my favorite until I realized my allergy wasn't as mild as I thought.

Soda water and a dash of bitters is my husband's favorite.
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Yay, thanks, everyone, this is great! Can't wait to make my own berry soda with the daunting amount of fruit I seem to be getting from my farm share. turbid dahlia, if you're still reading, what amount of berries do you recommend, approximately?

Extra-special thanks to leeloo minai for the previous question; not sure how I missed it!
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Elderberry syrup, tonic water or club soda, and lots of lime over ice.

Chilled Raspberry Zinger tea with a dash of cinnamon.

They make bitters in lots and lots of flavors now, maybe buy a handful and see what you like. I like cardamom bitters in almond milk.
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Monin concentrated flavors with club soda (or analogous). Sugar free, no sweeteners, a variety of flavors.

The zero calorie natural flavors might also work, but they have (non-sugar) sweeteners.
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Perhaps try roasted buckwheat tea—also known as soba tea. It's great cold and has a very rich, toasty flavour that's quite unlike a lot of the usual fruity/citrus chilled teas.
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Everyone I know seems to have suddenly started drinking La Croix sparkling water, which I think fits all your requirements.
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I'm obsessed with grapefruit soda - the one I've been getting is literally just soda water with a little grapefruit juice (real!) in it. You can make this at home too. Perfect for hot weather. Add lots of ice.
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Beet kvass is great if you'd like to try a savory drink.
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what amount of berries do you recommend, approximately?

Any amount, really. I have 2 litre mason jars that I use for all my ferments, which I reckon is half a gallon, to which I add a punnet of whatever berry I am fermenting. Strawberries I lop the top off and slice in half if they are particularly large, but the bluebs and raspbs I leave alone. So let's say a cup of fruit and a tablespoon of honey/sugar per litre of water? Then leave it for about five days, burping the jar daily. Strain off the fruit and rebottle the liquid and stick it the fridge and you're laughing.

Honestly, as long as you have the three key ingredients (fruit, sugar, water) the actual measurements are up to you. I call the sodas I make "memories of berries". Sandor Katz has a much more elegant explanation than I ever will here.

Please note that due to the carbonation you'll be encouraging, there IS potential for explosion, depending on your fermenting and bottling vessels. That's a bit much to get into here but there's plenty of stuff online. Also be careful when you open the finished product as you may end up with a fountain of foam that nicely redistributes 99% of the bottle's contents throughout your kitchen (a mistake I made ONCE)!
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Oh and you can do other stuff like add whey to help the ferment along, which I have done with success, but it isn't necessary. If you've got good, organic produce it will have more than enough life on its skin to wild ferment.
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Beet kvass is great if you'd like to try a savory drink.

Oh shit seconded
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I make a very simple, impatient person's berry soda - a spoonful of your favorite berry preserves in a glass of tonic water. Like a shrub but without the acidity.

Variations on lemonade is another option for somewhat healthy cold beverages, as long as you don't add too much sugar. My favorite is strawberry lemonade: macerated strawberries, lemon juice, water. Other berries are also great additions to lemonade. Ginger lemonade is surprisingly good. I don't think it's available outside of Canada, but President's Choice makes a lovely pink ginger sparkling lemonade. Mint lemonade is very refreshing. Here is a recipe for mint ginger lemonade.
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I thought this whole thread would literally be LaCroix so thank you everyone for a thread I'll be favoriting and revisiting many times.
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Starvation Alley, makes an outstanding unsweetened cranberry juice. I cut it with water and sweeten it with maple syrup.

Nothing wrong with homemade lemonade or limeade, either.
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I live in steamy Hong Kong and all I drink in the summer is cucumber and mint water, which is:

- half a cucumber, sliced
- 1 litre water
- mint to taste

Leave in a pitcher in the fridge to chill. SO GOOD. Do change the produce often though!
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Elderflower syrup (homemade if you have British or German friends who can show you the ropes?) in soda water is summer perfection.

But also, yeah, once you start making kombucha you drink a lot of kombucha.
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I made it through Texas summers on Goya canned coconut water. There's now a bunch of fancy kinds that cost a ton of money but the plain stuff is still good, and it's delicious and hydrating as fuck.
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Hey, jamaica/hibiscus tea is really refreshing and you can have it anywhere between unsweetened and as sweet as you like it (I find a very small amount of sugar cuts the tartness and makes it more delicious, maybe 1/4 cup in a pitcher). Just brew and chill! It looks classy in the glass and it's cheap, I get mine in the mexican food section of any grocery store, looks like this.
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I like rooibos. No calories and no caffeine; it almost feels like cheating. I drink it hot and unsweetened, but by all means experiment.
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I'm on a lo carb diet so I restrict my sugar which can make drinks a bit difficult. My fav. drink at the moment is sparkling water with a slug of lemon juice, few drops of artificial sugar (I know, it's not great) and 4 or 5 frozen berries. It's best when the berries have had a few hours to distill in the water but I drink it fresh as well.

When it is margarita time: blenderize: shot of tequila, 2 C of Ice, several slugs of lemon, lime, artificial sugar to taste, and salt. This is also really good with fresh fruit like watermelon, peaches, or strawberries if you don't mind the fruit sugar. It's good as a virgin drink too.
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One that hasn't been mentioned yet:
Tonic syrup (to taste) in sparkling water
(my current favorite brand isJack Rudy Small Batch Tonic)
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Seconding La Croix, and I'll add Spindrift. I also sometimes just squeeze half a lemon or lime into unflavored sparkling water like Perrier.
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I love GT's Gingerade Kombucha. Really hits the spot for me.
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Oh, and I just remembered one summer where I lived on little else than lemonade with basil-infused simple syrup. Basil is a relative of mint, and makes a much more subtle and interesting flavor combination with lemon.
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My wife likes Hint water, too. I usually drink plain club soda but for flavored, fizzy water w a few dashes of bitters in it. Lots of flavors to choose from out there.
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Thanks so much for the continued great responses! Like greermahoney I am glad the thread is not only La Croix--I like it okay but neglected to specify that I strongly prefer something with a few calories to flavored sparkling water.

dancing leaves, I really recently finished a bottle of Jack Rudy syrup. Perhaps i should order more!
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I love "summer punch," which I make with peach cider, muddled blackberries, fizzy water, and mint. And lots of ice.
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Iced rooibos chai.
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My usual go tos are:
- Still water with ice with a bit of lime or lemon juice (I prefer lime)

- Ditto with a little bit of fruit vinegar (similar effect to shrubs, but less work: there was a great blueberry lavender vinegar I used to get, and it's pretty easy to infuse vinegars on your own.)

- cold-brew herbal (berry-based) tea either straight or half and half with seltzer water. Alternately, fruit-flavored green teas, ditto.

If you want a little more in the way of calories, a little fruit juice or syrup that matches the tea works really well, or for some blends you could do a little cream. I generally don't use sweetener, but that's also an option.

On my list to try out this summer are herb syrups (besides the basil and mint mentioned, lavender syrup with lemon or thyme syrup have both been tasty when I've had them and a little goes a long way)
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Lime Rickey
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In addition to beet kvas, there's also bread kvas. Technically there is a little alcohol, but typically no more than 1%.
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You're all the best answer! Thank you all so much.
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