Canada Day fireworks - viewing spots in Ottawa this weekend
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Ottawa is going to be crazy busy this weekend. We are going to be in town, and want to see the fireworks Saturday night. Give me your suggestions for good, lesser know/somewhat less crowded vantage points - ideally those we can drive to. I know it's going to be nuts - missing the fireworks is not an option for our group. Hope me!
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I find if you go farther down Wellington and stand by the Supreme Court it's a little less crowded but it's also a perfect view. I will say this- Do not drive downtown on Saturday. Traffic was insane today and they've only closed Wellington. On Saturday, with all the road closures, driving will be very difficult. OC Transpo is free on Canada Day. If you end up going somewhere downtown go to a park and ride and hop on a bus.
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Don't drive. Take the bus. It's free all day.
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How close do you want to be? People go to the parking lot of the Revenue Canada building off Data Centre Road near Billings Bridge Mall to watch the fireworks every Canada Day. It offers an excellent vantage point of the entire city, but the fireworks are distant.
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