Data are Beautiful
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A dear colleague is departing my IT shop to go to grad school, and I want to buy or make her a t-shirt that incorporates the phrase "data are...": Data are Beautiful, Data are Important, Data are Plural, something like that. Give me your ideas!

I'd like it to have a pretty illustration, one of those really nice data visualizations, but also something that will work well as a printed t-shirt. I'm familiar with Photoshop and the various online (and DIY) t-shirt printers, but I'm lazy and would like to buy something premade, if possible. If I do end up making it myself, any suggestions for good graphics?
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Best answer: As far as the phrase goes, I like:

Data don't does.
Data do.

No image on that one unfortunately.
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Response by poster: Kabanos, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.
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Consider for a companion t-shirt, though it doesn't include your phrase.
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The plural of anecdote is not data.
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Data are ... fully functional
Star Trek TNG 1x03
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For a graphic, you could use something like this Google Trends graph. (I would pair it with something like "The data suggest... that data are singular.")
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Response by poster: I ordered the one Kabanos found. Thanks, Metafilter!
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