Large houseplant delivery in NYC?
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Is there a service that delivers tall, potted houseplants in NYC for a reasonable rate?

I'd love to have some tall (5 ft or taller) plants in my apartment in NYC. I don't have a car and I don't have the room for repotting, so I'd love it if there existed an affordable service that would let me choose a plant online, if that plant were something more original than the usual ficus or money tree, if that plant came in a simple clay or ceramic pot, and could be delivered to my apartment without much fuss.

I've googled about and found pretty expensive services that don't seem particularly attractive. I thought there might be a startup that's doing this sort of thing. Am I dreaming?
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You might be (probably are) dreaming, and it depends on your definition of affordable; but NYC does have the flower district on 28th st. and once would be able to purchase (or special order) and get delivered large tall plants. Cash is king, and most shops close by noon, so you'd need to be willing to do your negotiations in the morning.

caveat: I've gotten some gloriously weird plants over the years from the shops there, but I've never had anything delivered
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Home Depot delivers, and has plants.
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Have you tried callingThe Plant Shed? They're super nice and have a lot of variety. Not sure how delivery works for bigger plants.
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Seconding the Plant Shed. I've gotten several plants from them and always been satisfied. They delivered a very large Bird of Paradise Palm to me in upper Manhattan and the delivery fee was reasonable.
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