Name That Tune: Malaysian cha-cha slide
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When I was out in Kuching, Malaysia, I heard a song in what sounded like Malay (or maybe Bahasa Indonesia?) I don't think it was English or an easily recognizable Western language. Almost every local seemed to know the words and, the second night I heard it, they did a cha cha slide-like dance to it that involved stepping forward and back and then turning 90 degrees. The other distinctive feature of the song is a "hoooooooo HA!" phrase that repeats.

In this phrase, the "ho" (pronounced "hoe") is drawn out and goes slightly up in pitch and then there's a big loud lower "ha!" I've tried Googling to no avail, does anyone have any idea what the song is? Can provide audio if necessary.
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Please do provide audio! I won't be able to place it myself, but I work in the language biz and have access to a roomful of music nerds from around the world. Chances are pretty that I can get one of 'em to name that tune for you.
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