Looking for women's cotton seamless underwear
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I want to buy a bunch of pairs of cotton underwear that are as close as possible to the nylon/polyester/spandex underwear I currently have, and this is proving annoyingly difficult.

Earlier this year I replaced almost all of my underwear with these nylon/polyester/spandex panties by Flirtitude from JC Penney. I recently had my first yeast infection (oh joy) and figured maybe I should buy a bunch of cotton underwear instead/as well. The pairs I have don't have a cotton gusset, and, weirdly, the adhesive from pads when I'm on my period doesn't stick to the fabric very well either.

What I like about my current underwear: seamless, so they are nice and smooth under clothes; the waistband and leg bands don't dig in; fit nicely (I'm a size XL in this brand) and retain their stretch throughout the day; cute patterns and colors; cheap!

I know that cotton underwear isn't going to have the nice stretchiness and ability to retain their shape that my current underwear has, but I'd like to get as close as possible. I'd also like to be able to buy a bunch of them, including several black pairs. Cute patterns/colors are a bonus at this point. I've been looking on Amazon and get overwhelmed by choices (and I have a tendency to let a few bad reviews of an otherwise well reviewed product talk me out of ordering them). Happy to order online, or go to a store; I'm in Seattle. Thanks!
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The same JC Penney brand has hipsters that are mostly cotton (with a bit of spandex to retain shape). If you already like the fit, they may be worth a try.
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Marks and Spencers in the UK is the only place I buy underwear (they call panties "knickers") ...also they last much longer than what we can get in the US. Make sure to convert from UK to US size which is similar to your pant's size, they have a size comparison table and they deliver fast for $5.00 or free!
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You might try the Commando Cotton Bikini. Added bonus -- the laser cut edge means no VPL. I've found them in stock at Saks if you want to see them in person since they're pretty spendy. DKNY has a similar laser cut cotton bikini that's a little more affordable.
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The cotton hipsters from Lane Bryant have been a long time favorite of mine. They have a wide range of sizes, starting at 10/12, so you can find a good fit at any size. They're reasonably priced, typically have lots of designs and are frequently on sale.
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Costco mostly all cotton with a little modal. A couple of styles to choose from.
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I looked for something similar for ages, and finally found the Fruit of the Loom hipsters. They're almost seamless and very soft and comfortable. Not sure if they come in cotton - the ones I've found are microfiber, but that's breathable, so might work for you? Target carries them and as i remember, there are a few cuts other than hipsters - bikini, boy shorts, etc.
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While not totally seamless, I'm a big fan of Aerie's lace-edged boybriefs. I mention the lace-edged ones in particular because they are smoother under clothes than the non-lace-edged ones. The undie selection in their stores was crap last time I looked, but they sell a wide variety on their website, like these for example.
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The hardest thing to get with cotton undies (I'm prone to issues down there so I wear strictly cotton-blend) is seamless. I like Aerie's lace-edged undies for the same reason as wondermouse, but they tend to fall apart quickly in the wash. Soma makes a seamless cotton underwear that you might like. Otherwise, I suspect the best option is Commando (linked above) which are more than I'm willing to spend on underwear ($28/pair).
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