18+ Gay Bars/Clubs in Chicago?
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My wife and her under-21 sister are going to her first Chicago Pride. They want to scope out the nightlife tonight, but finding under-21 bars online is fizzling out. Any locals know of gay or gay-friendly venues that accept under 21s?

This was asked on MeFi back in 2010, but I imagine most of the advice is no longer relevant.
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The bars in Pride-centric areas have clamped down on underage attendees; they could (and do) lose their liquor licenses. You won't be able to get into a bar in Lakeview as an underage person this weekend. Don't set yourself up for disappointment, underage nightlife isn't a thing here.

You'll be able to get into the Neofuturarium for 30 Queer Plays in 60 Straight Minutes or into the Playground Theater's GayCo Gaywatch show.
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Replay Andersonville isn't explicitly gay but it's pretty gay nonetheless and is 100% underage-friendly. Plus: videogames. There's also one in Lincoln Park, though I have no personal experience there.
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We were just down there and saw posters for the Back Lot Bash, which looked like it was all ages. They have a whiskey event tonight but family stuff during the afternoon and performances throughout the day and night.
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