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Restaurant recommendations around downtown Montreal?

Yes, we're going to walk to Schwartz's (Ben's closed years ago, and we have a Dunn's in Vancouver), probably Sunday mid-afternoon.

We're on foot, but if a cab ride is worth it, that's definitely an option. In town until Tuesday morning. 1 to 9 people. Budget not a huge consideration, but prefer < $50-60 per person. Thanks!
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Best answer: Pro-tip: If the line at Schwartz's is long, you can go across the street to The Main. They don't usually have a line and are also very good. (Or, at least, used to be. It's been a couple of years since I've been back.)
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Sorry for the self-ink, it's just easier. Here are my Montreal travel journal entries.

We travel to Montreal often and there really aren't bad places to eat. Too much competition. Anyway, if you can make your way trough my babbling, I mention restaurants that I have gone to with my wife, and there are links.

I haven't written anything up rom the last few tips, but the most-recent trip we were with Kaszeta and he publishes an amazing food/restaurant blog called Off Beat Eats.
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Red Tiger on Maisonneuve, close to the Beaudry metro station has great modern Vietnamese food. After you do Schwartz's (or the Main), la Dipérie is not far away and has amazing soft serve ice cream cones.
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La Banquise for great poutine (or Frite Alors for greater convenience)
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a few places I like (mostly in the Plateau/Mile End)

- kaza maza has a great syrian brunch
- byblos has a great persian brunch
- lawrence (they do reservations for lunch & dinner), their dinner may be more than $50/person. they also do brunch reservations if you're 6 or more.
- arepera on duluth has good venezuelan arepas
- magpie (maguire & st laurent) for pizza
- triple crown is a barbeque place that gives you a picnic to eat in the nearby park. i haven't been but i always think the picnic thing is so charming
- kazu is a popular japanese place near Guy-Concordia with extremely long lines
- big in japan on st laurent is another japanese place I like
- mamie clafoutis or kouign amann for pastries (if you're in montreal you have to eat pastries!)
- au pied de cochon if you want to eat a lot of very rich meaty food. foie gras everywhere.
- fairmount or st viateur for bagels. you can buy cream cheese at the bagel place and eat them while they're hot
- kem coba for ice cream if you're at fairmount
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Khyber Pass has yummy Afghan food and it's ByoB

Bistro tot ou tard by Parc Lafontaine has amazing brunch

Harbin in Mile End has delicious cheap Chinese dumplings
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Response by poster: Thanks all, ended up not having time to try much except to meet a coincidental friend in Montreal at Au Pied de Cochon.

Frankly, it was "a little bit too much" - wonderful quality, but everything could have used a lighter hand. I'd rather have a "hint of maple (syrup)" than drink it.

The price of wine is so much more sane than in BC.

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