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Help me find a set of four books that I loved as a kid! The main character was a young teenaged girl (14?) who did Indiana Jones style adventuring.

I remember:

Indiana Jones style adventuring. She went to exotic places and did exciting things. Bad guys! Artifacts! (Mysteries?) She had a dad (I think) but was on her own a lot.

I had 4 books. One had a teal cover one a purple cover.
They were named in a similar pattern and somehow cliché - maybe "The case of the ..." or "Adventures in ..."

These were chapter books written for kids - aimed at 8 - 12 year olds? Maybe penguin books? I had these books in the early 90's but I don't know how old they were then. Maybe scholastic book fair books?

I remember loving / hating that the four books were not in a specific order - each book would refer to things that happened in a different book as the past but could not be made consistent. (I had a hard time deciding how to arrange them on my bookshelf)

I would love to read these again with my daughter who is 7 now!
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Sounds like Lloyd Alexander's Vesper Holly Books maybe? I especially loved The Drackenberg Adventure
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Holy cow, you got it!

I'm so happy right now - gotta do some shopping! And there are 6 books - I get to read two new ones? I'm thrilled! Thank you!
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