What's a simple way for people to gift us money online, in the UK.
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After much duress from our very nice friends and family, my fiancée and I are setting up our gift list. We have a bunch of items picked out at a department store, but we also want to allow people to alternatively contribute towards a bigger ticket item - a dining table in this case. Ideally we'd have a simple online payment form that would let our guests gift us however much they feel comfortable. Can anyone recommend any simple services which can do this?
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You could create a Square Cash account and choose a "$cashtag," which gives you a URL people can go to and give you money. For instance, this is the link to donate to Wikipedia: https://cash.me/$Wikipedia I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but I personally use Square Cash for exchanging money between friends/family via the mobile app. For non-business purposes, there are no fees either.
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My Halifax account lets me create unlimited(?) extra savings accounts (terrible interest rate but that's not the point) and rename them whatever I want. If your bank allows that, create a new account and give out the account number and sort code. That way people can just do a bank transfer and you'll receive the money into a separate account.
You could also create a Paypal account and give out the email address for that but using Paypal to receive money from lots of people can occasionally cause issues (like if someone requests a refund, the account can get locked and your money is stuck in there for ages).
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I'm not sure you need to do an online giving account...we did not do so, and got plenty of cash and checks tucked into cards. I feel like that's plenty easy for people to do if they so choose, and avoids the appearance of asking for cash (which will turn some people off).
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Thanks guys. In the end we went with a Paypal.me link. It gives you a nice landing page and the brand name will be familiar to a lot of people. I don't necessarily expect to actually get much through this, but I just want to give as many options as possible to our lovely guests. Many younger people will just never use chequebooks, and it can be nice to get a task out of the way ahead of time.
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