French Song/Video from the 1980s?
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Towards the end of the 1980s, I recall seeing a video on MTV Europe (or maybe one of the early pan-European TV channels - it was definitely a European chart show) by a French female singer. I was convinced it was a Mylene Farmer song, but I have gone through her discography and nope. Sketchy, hazy memories below.

I mainly remember the video, but the song involved repeated mentions of "cœur". The video was cinematic, the singer had spiky red hair and disguised herself as a boy, there were some winter scenes and the singer was on a horse. The video had a romantic plot.

We are talking circa 1987/1988.

So, I was convinced it had to be Mylene Farmer and while Pourvu Qu'Elles Soient Douces hits some of the marks, it's not the right song. The song itself was way less synth and had a haunting piano riff (possibly whilst the heroine was riding the horse on top of a snow-clad hill).

It's been driving me batty for nearly 30 years now. Any ideas?
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When you checked Mylene Farmer, did you take a look at these videos? This is from the wikipedia page for one of her horse-heavy music videos, "Je Te Dis Tout"--Many features recall some of Farmer's 1980s and 1990s videos, particularly the ones for the singles "Plus grandir in 1985, "Libertine" in 1986, "Tristana" in 1987, "Ainsi soit je...", "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" in 1988...
I can't go through them right now but their descriptions tick some of the boxes (horse, snow, romance, dressing as a boy).
Hope you find your song!
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[I see you eliminated "Pourvu"--missed it when copy/pasting, sorry.]
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