Need a new PCP in NYC
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I have health insurance and I'm looking for good, attentive primary care physician references in NYC, preferably female - but either gender is fine, in Manhattan or Brooklyn. If you don't want to put the name in the thread, I'd appreciate a PM. Some details about my current doctor, and me, inside. Thanks!!

I'm looking to switch primary care physicians. I'm in my mid 30s and I've been with my current doctor for 3 years. He's smart but brusque, which doesn't bother me at all as long as I get the attention I need. Which brings me to my next problem. Have physicians pretty much stopped examining patients? The yearly exam which he suggested I make a longer appointment and come in again for was under 2 minutes after a 45 min wait, and they forgot to do some basic tests. I also need to feel like he remembers me and my ongoing issues the every 4-6 months that he sees me, and he does not.

This relationship had started out well, but as I grow older and look to manage issues that will need long term maintenance (nothing special yet) I need someone who can help me chart my health, not just treat the periodic sinus issues and flu. So, I think I should switch. Is there anyone you really like and would recommend.
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Dr. Joseph Devito at Murray Hill Medical Group. Super-attentive, totally non-judgmental, and appointments are booked with plenty of time to talk if you want both during the exam and after. Every exam I've had there has ended with at least 10 minutes of discussion in his office.
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Would you be interested in One Medical Group? I've only used them in DC and Boston, so I don't have specific provider recommendations for NYC, but I feel like I'm in much better control of my health since I started visiting them 2.5 years ago.
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I've been going to the Sidney Hillman Familly Practice at 16 East 16th Street since my 20s, and for 10 of those 20 years have been seeing Dr. Ruth Lesnewski. She's pretty attentive - there was only one visit where I felt things were a little rushed, but she had just moved to a different office and I chalked it up to her being scattered. But we also have similar attitudes to how and when to resort to prescription medication, and she never gets lecture-y (I had a checkup recently and came in heavier than I should be, and she just chuckled when I said that I was "working on it, but still had my winter body". All she did in the way of "doctor's orders" for that was to hand me some basic info on good diet along with my test results.

I actually talk more with her in the email system that the Practice has for you to email your doctor and talk about things online; she's really good about answering questions there, and is even sympathetic and jokey (when I was having a minor quirky thing happen with my period, she reassured me that I was actually normal, and so I joked that "okay, I guess I'll treat it with some Ben and Jerry's and playing Rolling Stones albums" and she joked back that "that sounds perfect because there will be no side effects").
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I developed some chronic health issues a few years ago and had a horrible time with my then PCP. I started going to a One Medical practice in DC and it was -- amazing. Excellent, attentive care that almost immediately recognized and successfully treated my symptoms. Another big bonus for me, apparently all of their staff receive training on LGBT health.

In addition to having excellent service they have lots of nice perks like allowing telemedicine consults, emailing, and online RX renewal. Also, with my insurance their annual fee is waived.
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I go to Westside Family Medicine ( and really like all of the doctors there.
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Seconding Sidney Hillman. I've also been going there for close to 20 years and generally have been very happy. I'm pretty low maintenance, so mostly see the residents, who are, on average, very kind and attentive (in probably 18 visits I've had two residents I haven't been pleased with - one was a little condescending and the other just had kind of a creepy vibe). But, the supervising doctors there are wonderful when I do wind up seeing them.

The one big downside is that you will wait for your appointment. I've never had an appointment start less than 30 minutes late and have sometimes had to wait an hour or more. On the other hand, they're open until 8pm, some days even 10pm, and on weekends, so being able to go to the doctor outside of normal work hours is pretty awesome.
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I also came in to say One Medical. I have seen about 3 different doctors at this practice, all of whom have been women on the younger side, who I feel like really listened and took a lot of time with me. It's a $200 yearly fee, but appointments are easy to get, you can go to any location, and the care is top notch.
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I was also coming to suggest Murray Hill Medical Group. I see Michael Glasser and have been totally happy with him (and the rest of the practice that I've seen as well).
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Nthing One Medical. Appointments start on time and can be booked easily online or on the phone. Everyone I've seen has been open and happy to collaborate with me - I feel heard and like my expertise on my own body is respected. And they have a 24/7 hotline staffed by nurse practitioners for when you do have that sinus infection and need medication - they have called prescriptions in for me when I felt too sick to even get to the doctor and had clear symptoms that didn't require an exam.
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