Where to find available campsites in the Bay Area for the Jul 4th?
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I've been struggling to find available campsites in driving range from the SF Bay Area over the July 4th long weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to find campsite inventory or places which may not require a permit?
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I hate to recommend Hipcamp, which is basically an overpriced AirBnB for camping on private land (although lots of state recreation areas in California also use it, I think dating back to when they were defunded in 2010ish), but it exists and isn't bad if you don't mind paying $60 to, for example, stay in someone's unimproved field in Napa.
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Hendy Woods has availability, is gorgeous, and is about 2.5 - 3 hours from the city, depending on where you are. (Weirdly, on my phone it's showing lots of available sites, but on desktop it's not...except when I search on individual sites there is availability. Obvs. a glitch so maybe call them?)
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If Hendy Woods has available sites, yes, go there. It's lovely.
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