Sartorial sweater obsession...
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This is guy helped create Twitter or something like that. But what interested me most about this article is the black sweater he is wearing in the photo. It's too bitchin'. (If you like that sorta thing)...

Any eagle-eyed clothing folks in the Metahive that might know where I could find a black sweater just like the one pictured here. (Click pic to enlarge to full size).

I've trawled every category of men's sweaters on eBay, and different spots on Amazon -- with no luck.

Clues, leads, links, psychic premonitions -- much appreciated.

Thank you!
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Not to burst your​ bubble, but it looks like a woman's style black cardigan, sweater style, no buttons. Try the woman's Dept. Google search with those terms pulled up many versions. His looks like it's in wool or some other more durable / textured fabric.
posted by St. Peepsburg at 1:04 PM on June 18

Ha! Thanks St. Peepsburg.

When I first studied the photo I was trying to determine what side of the sweater the buttons were on (and their holes -- I do note a 'hole' on one side of the sweater's opening, so I assumed there were buttons) -- as I'd that thought, too -- that it might be a woman's. I've no problem with that, save for the fact I'm 6' 2" -- so not sure I'd find a fit.
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It looks like something you'd find in online-only (or online-first) stores. Everlane, Grana, Frank & Oak, Maison Standards...
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That's MetaFilter's own evhead, you could ask him via memail ( which he probably doesn't read.... ) or via his twitter.
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Tall woman checking in. Fits exist. Places that carry tall women's clothing (including perhaps an open front cardi like that) include Long Tally Sally, Eddie Bauer, Boden, and Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.
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I have one just like that in grey - it's a zip front in cotton made by Jockey, I've had it for several years. A google image search for "full zip sweater Jockey" gives similar results for that kind of cardigan in women's styles, but the men's all have collars.
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Looks navy to me rather than black. [ducks from ensuing color argument]

Try searching for lightweight cardigan.
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I have a Banana Republic cardigan that looks a lot like that. I am 6'1 with disproportionately long arms.
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My first thought was Uniqlo, and indeed they have a similar looking men's cardigan, though only navy is available in XXL.
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An often-used term seems to be "open cardigan" - look for instance at a company called Allsaints.
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Another search term that might help is "rolled edge sleeves," as this cardigan appears to have them.
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Blowing the image up, I think it's actually a cardigan with buttons (right-side button placket turned in, left-side buttonhole placket turned out, with subject's angled pose and photo's lighting making both hard to see -- there's a button barely showing on his right side, diagonally across from the bottom seam of the t-shirt pocket and tucked against his chest), rolled (or raw) edge sleeves, and an interesting joined-seam looking detail running down the arm. Perhaps even pockets, although that might just be material bunching behind his left hand. I'd agree with St. Peepsburg on wool (or wool blend).
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