A Particular Caption For A GIF of a Samoyed in a Laundromat in a Fence
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I like this GIF of a samoyed running through a laundromat while dragging a pet cage/fence that is far too flimsy to have held such a large dog in place. Once, I saw a popular tweet (i think?) of the gif with a caption along the lines of “when u don’t see your fears as a constraint but as something u take with you as u navigate the world.” It was the best! Could you please find me the source tweet and original caption?
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( I am very unobservant. This is actually a doggy day care, not a laundry.)
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It's actually a dog cafe in Korea called Mungster and the dog is a chow chow puppy. He still continues dragging the pet cage around if he's placed in it, kinda like Maru the cat and boxes. Video.
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