Can you identify this folk singer from the mid-90s?
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Sometime in the early to mid 90s, a folk singer came to my town and performed, and I bought his album. I remember only a handful of facts about him, and a few lines from the songs. Can you identify this musician?

This was in Massachusetts, in the mid-90s. He came to my Unitarian Universalist church, but his music was not overtly religious. He was young-ish and had a black beard. I want to say that his name was Ben. I bought his tape. It was red.

Here are the songs of his I remember:

There was a pro-gay-rights song about the removal of homosexuality as a diagnosis from the DSM, and it talked about a protest (which the internet tells me actually happened in Sweden, but I don't remember that in the song) in which people demonstrated the absurdity of pathologizing homosexuality as an illness by calling in "gay" instead of sick to work. The line I remember was, "They all called in gay!" He kind of shouted it.

There was also a song about two young lovers. The man is referred to as a "gypsy" (sorry) because he wanders in and out of the town, but the girl leaves a light in the window for him.

I think there was also a song I think was called "These hands," about his dad, very slow and melancholy. It went like this:

These hands that crack with winter cold
these hands that tell me I grow old
these hands that wear the weathered lines of age
I see him after thirty years
a man my age with doubts and fears
a man...

That's all I can remember. He might have been SUPER local but every once in a while the hands song gets stuck in my head so it'd be fun if someone could identify it. Thanks everybody!
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This guy?
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@poppunkcat: I saw that, but even though he comes up when you search for the lyrics (without quotes), none of the songs actually match, plus he seems too young.
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Do you remember/know if his songs were all original? There's an old song called "These Hands," covered by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow and others, the kind of thing a folk person might play. The lyrics aren't right, exactly, but the mood is similar, it's pretty slow and melancholic and could be made to be more so.
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John Kruth?
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Is there any chance it was Dan Bern? It's not that I recognize any of these songs as his, but he was playing small rooms in MA a whole lot at the time, he's super-prolific, and he writes a ton of topical songs, and his dad died young. So, maybe.
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Fred Small?. Gay, became a UU minister in Mass. in the mid 90's.
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The middle song sounds like Bob Franke's Beggars to God.
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ahhhhhh nonane, the middle song was definitely Beggars to God. Which makes me really happy because I get to hear it again for the first time in twenty years - but makes me fear that maybe the other songs were covers, too, which makes it seem like the artist might be a lot harder to track down. :/ The others are all great suggestions but not quite right.
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Could it have been Andrew Ratshin of Uncle Bonsai?
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Does anyone else at the church remember, or is there an archive (or live historian!) there who might have records to check against?
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