Movies that use a missing/dead character to drive narrative.
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Movie buffs and casual fans -- what are some films that have a missing or dead character that becomes a core part of the "journey" of the main characters? A good example is Apacolypse Now, with Colonel Kurtz being a driving force who we don't meet until the end of the film. Another example is Stand by Me, which I have admittedly not seen, but looks to fit the profile: "After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy." Casting a wide net, so all suggestions are welcome!

I'm working on a project that uses this structure and need some movie examples to help flesh out what I'm going for. It's an extremely familiar storytelling element to me but I need other people's minds and memories to help me track down where it crops up. Thanks in advance.
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Not highbrow, but I Know What You Did Last Summer.
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Any murder mystery, basically? Or am I misunderstanding?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is good.
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The recent French film Valley of Love fits this very well.
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Saving Private Ryan?
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Sunset Boulevard, although it is a narrative by the dead character...
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Just movies? Six Feet Under did this with the dad.
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How about "The Big Chill" from 1983.
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You want Living MacGuffin (warning: tvtropes) and its cousins.
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Rebecca, the movie based on the Daphne duMaurier book.
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Oh, lordy™, Laura !!
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Weekend at Bernies
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Twin Peaks if you're taking tv shows.
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All About My Mother/Todo Sobre Mi Madre and in a way, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.
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The Sixth Sense
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…. surprised to be the first to mention The Third Man.
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I think the way you've described the question is a little too broad for answers to be helpful. As someone else pointed out, every single murder/abduction movie ever made fits your criteria.

I get the feeling though that you are looking for things more along the lines of Waiting for Godot or the Usual Suspects. Is that right?
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A few more that just crossed my mind:

About Elly
The Lady Vanishes
Dangerous Crossing
Julieta (sort of fits, I think)
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13 Reasons Why - although the dead character appears extensively via flashbacks, about half the show takes place in the present after the death, still focused on figuring out the dead character.
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Gone Girl
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Arrival, though ** SPOILERISH ALERT ** they sort of take it back later in the movie. Definitely worth watching to see it used very explicitly as a narrative device, as opposed to something that also drives the character throughout the movie (I am accepting all challenges to this analysis in FanFare ;)
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Memento. The Usual Suspects.
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The Netflix show Bloodline is about a family being affected by their black-sheep brother, who is pretty early on revealed to be now dead. How he got dead, and the after effects on the siblings, drive the whole narrative.
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In Casablanca, the story is set in motion following the murder of two German couriers for the letters of transit they were carrying.
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Spoorloos (a.k.a. The Vanishing, but for fuck's sake do not watch the American remake that is also called The Vanishing). Spoorloos spooked me out for weeks after I saw it.
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Like Sunset Boulevard, American Beauty is narrated by a dead man
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And seconding Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, not only because it does fit your exact criteria, but because it is possibly the most under-seen movie that deserves to be seen by a wide audience. It was meant to be Robert Downey Jr.'s comeback film, but Warner Bros. failed on every marketing front, plus it was released the same week as The Constant Gardener and Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Batman Begins. It never stood a chance.
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Pretty Little Liars does that with the character of Allison, though like 13 Reasons Why, the character does appear extensively in flashbacks.
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Veronica Mars! The first season primarily revolves around the death of Veronica's best friend (which occurred before the start of the show.) The character does appear in some flashbacks.
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just realized these are pretty much my favorite type of films. a few: Brick, Winter's Bone, Cake ..perhaps Young adult, but its only sort of mentioned at the end, to sort explain why she turned out that way
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and yes! def. the arrival!!
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The Third Man is alllllllll about this.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is largely about the lead character's retracing the investigatory steps of his recently deceased mentor.

Humboldt's Gift: "I wasn't doing so well myself when Humboldt acted from the grave, so to speak, and made a basic change in my life. In spite of our big fight and fifteen years of estrangement he left me something in his will. I came into a legacy." (sorry, that's a novel)
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Ordinary People
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I watched the 1974 version of Murder on the Orient Express last night. The movie opens with scenes from a kidnapping/murder that takes place years before the murder in the movie, and that earlier murder drives the plot.
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The movie classic that is The Searchers with John Wayne.
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Sense8 does this with a few characters, though there are a lot of plotlines and these are not the only ones.
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Posthumous Narration (warning: tvtropes)
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Fleabag is really funny and also completely heartbreaking.
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Not a film, but: Desperate Housewives with Mary Alice Young.
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How I Met Your Mother
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Speaking of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nice Guys is another Shane Black film that follows two LA lowlifes as they re-create the last few days of a young dead woman and a young missing woman.
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Am I really the first person to mention the Hangover movies?
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The Passenger
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Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock
North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock (insofar as the McGuffin is the search for a non existent character called Kaplan)
The Shooting by Monte Hellman
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Captain Fantastic
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A Rose for Emily (PBS short film based on Faulkner's short story)
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The French have a word for this: l'Arlesienne. See the French wikipedia article for more examples (In French, obviously)
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The Netflix series "Stranger Things" fits your criteria I think.
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Picnic at Hanging Rock
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Also, maybe Don't Look Now?
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First instinct was also Twin Peaks, but instead here's River.
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Lost Highway ("Dick Laurent is dead.")
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Chan Is Missing
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The Force Awakens...?
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I am confused by your examples. And based on the answers you are getting I think other people are also.
Absent characters who influence a story (looking for Kurtz) are not the same as narration by an adult version of the story's protagonist (Stand by Me).

Can you clarify what you are looking for?
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