How do Saint Laurent shoes fit size wise?
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I found a pair of Saint Laurent espadrille's that i fell in love with. Problem is i have no idea how they fit size wise, they're from last year maybe? so they're out of season but even if they weren't i don't have a Saint Laurent store or a store that carries the brand anywhere near me to try on.

They're actually men's shoes, but i usually wear 6.5 in mens or 8.5-9 in womens. Could someone that owns Saint Laurent shoes tell me how they generally fit? I've heard some say that they run true to size while the Neiman Marcus website says to go up half a size because they run small. I'd really appreciate any help about the sizing.
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Are they similar to these? Their website says they fit true to size.
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Is it practical to order more than one pair, try them all on, keep the pair that fits best and return the rest?
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Saint Laurent espadrilles generally fit true-to-size. If you are a half size, I believe sizing up should be okay. YMMV.

Fit can vary considerably even between two different shoes from the same maker. Buying shoes without trying them is always hit-or-miss, unless you are specifically familiar with the last used.
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Response by poster: It's these your link didn't work. :/ @like_neon

Unfortunately, i can only afford to order one pair at a time, but thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, i tend to wear half sizes unless the shoe is made odd. This will be my first pair of SL so hopefully i won't have to send them back for another size. I didn't want to go down to the 6 because it would be too small, so hopefully the 7 works out fine. Thanks! @doomtop
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