How best to see the Chicago Bulls in Action next season?
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How hard is it to get a ticket at a few days to a couple of weeks notice? We'd be looking at late December 2017 until the end of January 2018 date range.

My niece has said she really would like to see the Bulls play a home game when she comes to visit me later this year and being a doting Aunt I now intend to take her to a game and want her to have the best time ever. I am originally not from the USA and don't follow sports, so know nothing about US sporting events so I have no idea how these things work here in the US.

Some other things about a Bulls game I'd like to know

How scary expensive will tickets be? I'd rather pay more for a decent seat as it's a once in a lifetime experience, but we don't need seats on the court or anything.

We'd be looking at catching a train in from a couple of hours outside of Chicago so would want to stay the night. Would their be accommodation within safe & easy walking distance to the stadium? How is public transport? Or should we expect to Uber/Cab?

Any other tips and advice for going to see a Bulls game?.
What are things we must do/see/eat while there?
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It's easy. StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster all let you buy resale tickets for whatever game you want. You can see where the seats are and how much every one costs. Cost will vary a bit based on who the opponent is (Golden State or Cleveland will be a hot ticket; Phoenix or Orlando not so much).
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What are things we must do/see/eat while there?

Depending on her interests, the Art Institute / Field Museum / Shedd Aquarium are all great. It's also American football season so may be possible to see the Bears if she's interested in that. Soldier Field is near the Aquarium/Field Museum. NFL tickets are more expensive as there are only 8 home games vs. ~40 in the NBA, but same process as Huffy Puffy said re: tix. Not that hard.
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You may be able to buy tickets for face value from the box office, particularly if it's a weeknight and not a star opponent (mostly, not Golden State or Cleveland). Last I checked, the cheap seats were something like $35 apiece, probably more now and higher with fees. I'd recommend the next highest price tier, which gets you to the bottom of the 300 level. Arrive early for the game because they do a pretty good job of creating a festive atmosphere inside the stadium and there are plenty of things to see.

Walking isn't an option, but you could take a #19 United Center Express or a #20 Madison bus (same route but all stops) from the Loop to the stadium; stay at a hotel in the Loop or connect to a #147 so you can stay anywhere on Michigan Ave. on the Mag Mile, where most of the hotels are. Not a long trip and you'll be with crowds both ways.
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