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Help! Leaving on a road trip in less than two hours, and my Old Reliable the Original 160gb iPod has finally bit the dust. My iTunes is on my Windows 10 computer. I have an android phone (Samsung Galaxy s5 Sport). Can I put iTunes on that? I would settle in for a bunch of research on the topic but I'm on a time crunch. Hope me, Mefi!

- ability to put about 4000 songs - currently on itunes - into my phone.
- ability to keep the playlists I've created.
- ability to set the playlist going and just listen without having to fiddle with the phone as it's playing (no need to press "next song" or anything stupid like that)

Don't care about podcasts, syncing with my iTunes on my desktop, etc. This is just for the one trip.

I've already got a hookup between my phone and the car so it's just the matter of getting my iTunes over to my phone.

I've seen this question but it's over three years old.
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There is an official Apple Music app in the Google Play store. Reviews look mixed but it's worth a shot.
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Response by poster: I wasn't sure about that app - I thought perhaps it was just their streaming service. But it is the equivalent of the iTunes library? I don't care about streaming or radio or anything like that.
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Can you find where your files are located on your Windows 10 computer? If you've opted to let iTunes manage/organize them, you might find that right-clicking on a song and selecting 'Get Info' will put you into a folder that contains the album. If you can then move to the artist *parent* folder that contains that album, and to the main library *parent* folder from there, if you see all of your artists at-once in one folder, there's your entire library, and we can work on copying all of it into your phone from there.

The quickest way to get these media files onto your phone is to physically copy them into your Android. (Rather than trying to have it sync via the Apple Music app, which will probably take a fair bit of time... more than two hours, at least.) Plug in your phone to the computer using the USB cable and, when prompted, switch it to USB Mass Storage mode. Make sure you *copy* your media files. Anywhere is fine, as long as they're in a folder of their own so you don't crowd your phone's root directory.

You can either use Ctrl+Click to select multiple Artist folders, or try to transfer all of the artist folders at once using Ctrl+A, or by selecting the *parent* folder of all of the artists. (Personally, at this point, I'd go ahead and just get the ones you really care about - too many times I've wanted to leave on time for a road trip and delayed myself trying to wait for a file transfer to finish.)

Anyway, once you've got your selection, either right-click and copy, or Ctrl+C. Then, navigate to My Computer, and into a directory in your phone you want to use, and right-click and paste, or Ctrl+V. You can then use any app - say, the default Samsung Music app, or Google Play Music - and it typically will be able to find them or you can browse to them easily.
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You can use DoubleTwist Sync to copy the music and playlists over to the phone.
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I should have read better, sorry - my solution does not maintain your playlists for you.

DoubleTwist is a great app that I didn't know about, but it looks like it'll work a charm!
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I use double twist and it works perfectly for this.
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No guarantee, but MediaMonkey might be able to import your playlists from iTunes (the .m3u files are in a folder somewhere) and then export them to Android.
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The Apple Music app doesn't work for your iTunes library unless you subscribe to Apple Music and use iCloud Music Library (and/or iTunes Match? it gets confusing here). Your best bet is to use Double Twist.
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You can export playlists as .m3u from itunes and load them onto your phone the same way you load the songs. When you do that, Google Play Music (and I think most other apps) will recognize them. I have found that playlists are limited to 1,000 songs, which is a bit of a problem for me, but I just created 2 playlists to get around it.
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I know it's too late, but DoubleTwist is what you want. I don't like iTunes much, but it's magnificent at managing playlists. DoubleTwist syncs with iTunes perfectly. I don't like the Android player that much, but I was delighted to see that the playlists work fine with PowerAmp, my favorite Android player (I don't know if playlists work in both directions, but I don't mess with playlists much on my phone).
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