Animals are family
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I heard someone of Native American descent say how they were raised to believe that wild animals are part of their family. (They are Seneca tribe.) I am looking for stories, texts, or myths that represent and justify this kind of Native relationship with animals. Ideally in the form of stories I can share with children.
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Here are a couple of good starting points:

Twin Eagles Wilderness School – Native American Mythology

Native American Legends

Where I grew up, our local tribes were in touch with the schools and visited us pretty often to share stories with us kids. So maybe check with schools too. Bookstores (if local and conscientious) can be another place to ask, as well as local fairs. Meaning county or state fairs. A good friend of mine has a father who's an elder and he's always at county and state fairs to give talks on ecology.
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I grew up with "American Indian Myths and Legends" eds. Erdoes & Ortiz.
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